Wood County 1850-1900 Still Available

Another request has been received for the place to purchase a copy of “Wood County 1850-1900.” Members Shirley Patrick and Lou Mallory have supplied the request and answer for inclusion here.

They are available at several locations including from the Wood County Historical Commission (gmallory@suddenlink.net) the front desk at the Quitman Public Library, The Mineola Chamber of Commerce, and the City Hall in Mineola. The price quoted by Lou Mallory (chairman of the historical commission) last year was $15 per book and $4.00 for postage for each copy mailed.

Query: Wood County 1850-1900

A comment at this link: Looking to purchase inquires about where the person can buy a copy of the history “Wood County 1850-1900.” If you can help, follow the link above and post a response.


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