1921 Storm Destroys Property Near Alba

Alba, Texas, April 15. — A tornado struck Willow Springs west of Alba, Thursday and traveling in a northeasterly direction, did considerable damage until it had reached a point just north of Alba, when it raised above the timber and passed on. It was only about 100 yards wide, but the wind had tremendous velocity, and as it lowered from the funnel-shaped cloud left destruction in its path. There were no deaths reported. Telephone lines were torn down in the path of the storm. The houses of G. P. Ful-??, J. L. Ennis and one or two others were blown away. The tornado was preceded by a heavy ????. Considerable damage to gardens and young corn is reported north of Alba along the ???? of Lake Fork Creek. — Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 15, 1921, Page 13.


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