Query: Smith (from Hertfordshire, England)

Hopefully, one or more of our members can help this English researcher who sent the following query. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.


I do not want to put anybody to any trouble but I was wondering if you can give me any idea how I can obtain information about Deaths in Mineola, Texas in 1883. If indeed there are any remaining records. My Great Grandfather, David Smith (Yes, I know, a very common name) is listed in our English 1881 Census as living in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. I also live in Hertfordshire.

The family story is that he went to Texas to grow Onions! The only other information I have is a copy of a Memorial Card stating that he died in Mineola, Texas on the 16th October 1883, at the age of 38. There could be a querie on his age as it also says he was 38 in 1881 in the Census.

I find it quite sad that he went to Texas leaving a wife and seven children in ‘The Robin Hood’ Public House in Hatfield where he had been the Publican & Dealer to go, as many did, no doubt, to try and find a better life. I hope that it was his intention to send for his family when he
was established. Sadly this was not to be, my Grandmother was his youngest child and only 6 when he died.

I would be so grateful is you could point me in the right direction regarding Death Records for this area as I seem to have drawn a blank so far with my research.

Very best wishes
Sue Waller

If you contact Sue directly, please also send us a copy of what you are able to find to share with others with an interest in Wood County research.


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