The Book You Can Leave For Posterity

… And, so, maybe you can’t write a book. At least that’s what I hear when the topic of leaving a family history comes up. Whether it’s really “can’t,” “don’t know how,” or whatever, there’s one book anyone can leave that grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc. would prize.

A scrapbooking blog recently said as well as anyone can:

So, I’ll challenge all of you to get out the camera and go room-to-room in your home, taking photos of the way you live today, so that 100 years from now, future generations will sit and marvel at your forethought to preserve those memories.

The Digital Scrapper Blog at recently displayed a 1911 scrapbook of a grandmother’s home. It’s something that anyone can.

But taking it a step beyond that it points out the value of scrapbooks made up of the myriad pictures we all have accumulated over the years. They don’t have to stay in boxes or drawers. A way to pass them on is through scrap booking. It’s likely survivors will be less likely to toss out a scrapbook left behind with people, places, and events identified as they will a box of unidentified pictures.

On those warm summer afternoons while basking in air-conditioned comfort inside your house or on those cold winter nights while inside and snuggly warm, working on a scrapbook might just be one of your most valued gifts to future generations.


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