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I am searching for information concerning D. T. Ingram, including full name, exact date of birth and death, parents, etc. He is listed on the 1860 Census for Precinct No. 2, Quitman Post Office, Wood County as D. T. Ingram (29 yrs. old). Others listed are Frances E. (F, 27), Lucy A. (F, 5) and Wm. H. (M, 3). On the 1860 Census it is stated that both D. T. and Frances were born in Tennessee; the children were born in Texas. He may also be listed on the 1870 Census, Precinct No. 1, Quitman Post Office, Wood County. There is a listing for a D. T. Ingram (37; age wrong?). Others listed are S.F. (F, 21 – a “new wife”?), L. A. (F, 15), Wm. H. (11; another wrong age?), Lee Anna (F, 9) and M. F. (F, 5). It is again stated that D. T. was from Tennessee, but “S. F.” is stated to have been born in Texas. All children are said to have been born in Texas.
On a Texas Death Certificate for W. H. Ingram (born 7 March 1857; died 21 Nov. 1925) it is stated that the father of W. H. Ingram was Tap Ingram. I believe that this is William H. Ingram, the son of D. T. This death certificate was signed by C. C. Cockerell. I believe this is Calvin C. Cockerell, who was the son of Mary Frances “Fannie” Ingram Cockerell (4 March 1864- 26 May 1945) and Gaston Armstrong Cockerell (29 March 1853 – 3 Feb. 1935). Calvin was the nephew of William H. Cockerell and grandson of D. T. Ingram. Mary Frances Ingram Cockerell and Gaston Armstrong Cockerell’s first-born son was named Henry Tapling Cockerell. Therefore, the “T.” in “D.T.” could possibly represent “Tap” or “Tapling”.
If you have any information that you think would be helpful, please contact Phil Murry at eryopsbooks@embarqmail.com.


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