More good stuff from with this FREE Security Death Index (SSDI) search. While others have taken down their SSDI search or hidden it behind a pay wall, Mocavo comes through with this for the rest of us at
Social Security Death Index Search at

An Online (and FREE) Genealogy Searching Aid offers halp with your online searches while you are sleeping, reading, or just off having a good time. This picture

Picture of email

Mocavo Search Results Example

is part of an email displaying results of a research request entered into mocavo (after the Free signup for a Mocavo account). The results are compiled while you are doing other things (on the computer or off) and sent to your email address. Clicking on the link takes you to a page where you can go to each item found and see if it helpful in your research. Since Mocavo adds new places to search on a regular basis, the search will be repeated in the future and sent to you. This is a great feature of this search engine/service.


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