Query: Meyers/Myers, Elexander, Nolen

Looking for any information on or descendants of:

John A Meyers Myers
b.1 Jul 1836
d. 10 Dec 1903 Redland, Wood Co. TX
Burial: Gentry Cemetery

Wife 1: Mary Mollie Elexander
b. 5 Feb 1850
d. 6 Sep 1888 Redland, Wood Co. TX
Burial: Gentry Cemetery

Wife 2: Mary Harriett Nolen
b. 3 Jun 1866
d. 16 May 1953 Harrison Co, TX

Darlene Davis Myers

(ed.) If you have any information, you can comment here, and I’ll pass it on to Yvette’s request on the Wood County, Texas Genealogical research Community at Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and want to post the information there, just click the highlighted link just before this sentence.

Query: Private Cemetery in Wood County

I am looking for information on old private cemeteries in Wood County.

Growing up I visited my grandfathers nephew, Oneal Vance, in Hawkins often. My grandfather was Stephen Grady Myers. Oneal often took us to cemeteries and showed us where familly members were buried. One day he took us to one close to his home in Hawkins that was on someones private land. He referred to it as the “Redlands”?

It was a very small cemetery and my grandfather, Johnny A. Meyers, was buried there. I do have a picture of the tombstone and his last name is mispelled.

I would like to know if there is any listings of such cemeteries available to help us locate it again. Any information you could give me or any clues would be a great help.

Thank you for your help.

Stella Lack Green
1811 Thompson Street
Bridgeport, TX 76426


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