Re: Manor/Maynor/Mainer Query

Member Mark Reid responded to a recent query for Eli and Susan Manor/Maynor/Mainer and has shared his findings with us.

  • The original query included this:
  • This couple moved from Panola County (lived there in 1860 and 1870) to Wood county sometime before the 1880 census. In the same household is daughter Susan Hodges and grandson George Hodges.

    Given the age of the parents, there is a good chance that they died while living in Wood county (They are definitely deceased by the 1900 census).

    Do you have any materials that might help with a death from 1880+ (cemetery compilations, newspaper indexes, probate and/or will indexes or any other relevant record)? If so, do you have a service to do such research?

    Mark’s findings:
    Virgie Maynor, wife of Geo. C. Maynor is buried in Winnsboro City Cemetery. Dates are 8 Mar 1882 – 27 Mar 1905.
    One would suspect that other Maynors are buried here also, but no headstones remain with their names.
    The above entry is in our Cemetery Book 4, page 173.

    In Wood County 1850-1900 I see (page 24)
    “The First Baptist Church of Winnsboro . . . Charter members were . . E. M. Maynor, Susan, George, and Louiza Maynor, . . Martha Hodges, . ”

    I found no listed Probate records in the probate record index.

    The Maynor surname is mentioned 11 times in our book, Genealogical Abstracts of Wood County, Texas, Newspapers Before 1920,
    the earliest entry for a D. M. Maynor in 1914. My laziness prevented me from copying all entries. (Editor’s note: No doubt, a tongue-in-cheek remark)

    A G. E. Maynor (female) married C. W. Moore 16 Jan 1879. Listed in Wood County Marriage Book A, page 2.


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