Query: Hinson

My great grandfather, James Henry HINSON was born in April 1867 at Rocky River Springs, Tyson Township, Stanly County, North Carolina. He married on December 22, 1887 in Stanly County, North Carolina to Lucy Ann FLOYD born April 11, 1869 Stanly Co., NC and she died April 14, 1914 in Stanly County, NC. James Henry Hinson and family moved to supposedly “Woods, Texas”, where he died of the “fever” while building a fence in January 1904. He sold his land in North Carolina in December of 1903. He was supposedly buried underneath a large oak tree, with no stone, at a Baptist Church. One side of the family that lives in Oklahoma stated that he died of a “gunshot wound” before leaving North Carolina and traveled to Teneha, Texas. Can anyone help me find my great grandfather’s resting place? Could it be “Wood County, Texas”?
William A. HINSON


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