Query: Private Cemetery in Wood County

I am looking for information on old private cemeteries in Wood County.

Growing up I visited my grandfathers nephew, Oneal Vance, in Hawkins often. My grandfather was Stephen Grady Myers. Oneal often took us to cemeteries and showed us where familly members were buried. One day he took us to one close to his home in Hawkins that was on someones private land. He referred to it as the “Redlands”?

It was a very small cemetery and my grandfather, Johnny A. Meyers, was buried there. I do have a picture of the tombstone and his last name is mispelled.

I would like to know if there is any listings of such cemeteries available to help us locate it again. Any information you could give me or any clues would be a great help.

Thank you for your help.

Stella Lack Green
1811 Thompson Street
Bridgeport, TX 76426

Query: Tarbutton

A visitor to the society genealogy research room this week, Liz Tarbutton, sent us a follow-up email about the family.

“Thank you so much for your assistance. My husband, Ron, and I are researching his GG Grandfather, William B. Tarbutton.

“This is what we know:
William B. was born around 1823 in NC, married Elizabeth Anne Scarborough (b. appx 1829, TN). They lived in Madison County, TN documented as late as 1867 and had five children born there:
Mary Tarbutton, 1852
Joseph A. Tarbutton, 1858
Robert Aris Tarbutton, 1861
James Tarbutton, 1864
Idella Tarbutton, 1865

“We can’t find this family in the 1870 census. In 1880, the children are in Wood County, Precinct 6 and are living with different families. Ancestry has them indexed with the last name “Farbutton”. Mary is presumably married at this point, but we have no record of that.

William Brown (b. 1808, NC )
Liddy Brown (b. 1808, NC )
Alfed Franks (b. 1873, TX ), grandson
Joseph A. “Farbutton”, farm laborer
James “Farbutton”, farm laborer
Idella “Farbutton”, works on farm

Next door to:
Allex Brown (b. 1846, NC)
Mary Brown (b. 1852, GA)
Walter Brown (b. 1878)
Robert “Farbutton”, farm laborer

Also in Precinct 6 are:
Bass Green (b. 1845)
Amanda Green (b. 1852)
Francis Green (b. 1868)
Mary Green (b. 1871)
William Green (b. 1878)
William “Farbutton” (b. 1869, in TEXAS), works on farm

“On April 20, 1880 a case was filed in Wood County involving “Adella” and William Tarbutton, minors. The court clerk says that it was a guardianship case, but was apparently continued and never heard.

“So our questions are: what happened to William B. and Elizabeth? Based on William being born in Texas, we assume that they made it to Texas prior to 1870.

“Is there anything available that would give us William B.’s parents names?

“If anyone is digging in Ancestry, there is a lot of inaccurate information about William. There is a second William Tarbutton, who also happens to be married to an Elizabeth, who is from Tennessee, born in Kentucky and emigrating to Missouri prior to the War (if memory serves right, in the 1840’s). The other William died in 1867 in Missouri. The two Williams are different people, but many have their timelines/relationships intermingled.

“If you have any tips or suggestions, we would love to hear them! Thanks so much.”

If you can help Liz and Ron, you can respond here. We also have their telephone number, and members can contact the editor at wcgstx@gmail.com if you wish to talk to them directly.


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