Free Online Sessions at RootsTech

Here’s some great news that I picked up from Amy Coffin about how we can “participate” in RootsTech from home. I have several of these on my attend-by-web agenda. If you don’t subscribe to Amy’s blog you are missing some great timely tips and reading about genealogy. Thanks again to Amy for keeping current on these things and sharing with everyone. Just click the link below.

Free Online Sessions at RootsTech.

From the Editor: Membership Musings

Those of you who have known me for very long know that I am dedicated to the idea of improving and growing membership in local genealogical societies. In that vein, I am strongly suggesting that anyone who has such interest take a look at Amy Coffin’s latest blog post The We Tree Genealogy Blog. This entry is titled “Genealogy Society Memberships: What Makes You Join?”

She tells why she rejoined some and did not rejoin some others. Her reasons and the comments others have posted to her blog make for some thought-provoking reading. Of course, Amy always makes for thought-provoking reading.


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