Query: Bevel

I have recently acquired a metal box full of old papers dating back to 1938 through 1944. It includes letters, receipts, bills, and cotton books. It appears to have belonged to J. L. Bevel who lived in Odonnel, Texas and Seminole, Texas. My Dad recycled metal and acquired lots of items that would be inside things that he bought to recycle. This metal box containing these papers was in with my Dad’s things. I am wondering if  Mr Bevel or some of his family might have lived in this area and that’s how the box wound up with my Dad. I thought that maybe some of your genealogy members might have heard of or known someone in the Bevel family. Surely they would want this to come back to the family if they became aware of it’s existence. Hoping that someone can help find someone in the Bevel family.     Thanks,   Linda Martin
To contact Linda, you may email Shirley Patrick at  shp1945@gmail.com. Thanks to Shirley for sharing this query with the Bulletin.

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