1919 Tornado at Winnsboro, Texas

Members of the Calhoun, Alston, White, Little, and Morgan families were killed in the April 1919 tornado striking Wood County, Texas in and about the Winnsboro area. For details, click here –> 1919 Tornado.

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  1. My great-great grandmother, Mary Ann (Callaway) Turner (Dec. 5,1833-April 9, 1919 also died in this tornado in Wood County . She is buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery in Oak Grove, Texas.
    Mary Ann and her family were some of the early pioneers of Wood County, Texas, coming to the area by way of paddle boat and wagon, from Georgia..

    • I grew up in the Smyrna Community of Wood County, Texas. Our property just over the hill from the Westbrook Community where the tornado killed a relative of my mother’s first husband. There was an old concrete storm cellar in our pasture that had Turner 1920 written in the concrete. You could tell there had been an old home place in our pasture. We used to find pieces of old broken dishes and such and even found an old bottle or two. I always figured that tornado was the reason that storm cellar was built the year after it hit. This could have been your relatives old home place.

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