Query: Champion

I am researching my husband’s family genealogy. (I am fairly new at this and would appreciate any tips or information you can share.)
I am trying to locate two of his ancestors: Joseph H Champion and Adison M Champion.
I have found both on the 1920 Census. They were residing in Hawkins, Wood Co TX. They were living with Jasper N Champion who was the head of household. This is the last piece of accurate information that I have on them. Joseph was my husbands’ great grandfather and Adison was his grand uncle. Joseph left Alabama amidst a family scandal and was never heard from again. My quest is to see where he passed and bring this closure to the family line. (The accusation that caused him to leave his family in Alabama was later recanted). Two of his sons, came
to TX hoping to find him and bring him back home to Alabama. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate him and returned to Alabama empty handed. If you have any information to help me on this quest; it would be appreciated.
Please contact me via: sboyett@gmail.com
Thank you for your assistance,
Susan Boyett

2 Responses

  1. I am also looking for information on my family. I have found a record that said A G Champion was there in late 1890’s. Does anyone have any information on the “Champion” Family.

  2. Northern Wood co. Or Hopkins. Have a Joseph Champion daughter, Martha married J W Patrick. Martha born 1881.

    Randolph champion b 1872 dau. Ora married George William Patrick I knew his son George Patrick very well.

    I can send you connection to my ancestry tree but have not done much work on this line.

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