Portal to Texas History Contains Wood County Resources

Wood County references are available online at the Portal to Texas History at http://texashistory.unt.edu/. Billing itself as “a gateway to Texas history,” the portal is a project of the University of North Texas. A search at the portal main page (link above) for Wood County, Mineola, Quitman,and Winnsboro yields many digital pages of documents, publications, maps, etc. concerning people and places in the county ranging from the mid-1800s to the late 1900s.

Wood County Resources at TAMU-Commerce

A number of documents and pictures relevant to family history research for Wood County, Texas can be found in the Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries’ Northeast Texas Digital Collections at http://dmc.tamu-commerce.edu/cdm/
This includes online information from holdings at libraries and museums in Wood and Rains counties.

1. The Gilbreath Memorial Library digital collection consists of photographs and documents of historic significance to residents of Winnsboro, Texas.

2. The digital collection of the Mineola Historical Museum

3. The Quitman Public Library and Wood County Genealogical Society digital collection
Pictures of people, groups, and landmarks, documents, and other information including but not limited to
a. Peter Magnus Gunstream: Immigrant and Pioneer 52-page manuscript by Ona Wood of the Gunstream, Roberts, and Woods families to 1891
b.Wood County Deeds refiled after the courthouse fire of 1878 as first printed in the Wood County Genealogical Society newsletter
c. Men and Women in WWII from Wood County

4. The Rains County Public Library digital collection

Ideas for getting un-stuck in my family history journey

What do I do next? Ideas for getting un-stuck in my family history journey

[Outline for the February program at the WCGSTX Genealogical Society meeting.]

The meeting was to help members examine how to get started again or on another part of the personal research journey by examining (1) their progress in research (2) in display of their results or (3) with the ultimate placing of of their materials for posterity.

At the end of the program, members were given a worksheet to get started and to share at the March 6-7 p.m. meeting before the business meeting. Those who cannot attend in March can post their plans for getting started in comments below.
Click to go to the worksheet which you may then print out on your home printer.—> The link:(https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1aUvMGSc0DkcHp3Y1o3T2pTLVNxZF9wUFQ5UUgzZw)

a. Where I am in my family history research
i. People
1. Ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc)
2. Descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.)
3. Collateral relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins)
ii. Details
1. Surnames and/or given names
2. Vitals (birth, death, marriage, etc)
3. Additional information (anecdotes, bios, locations, events, etc.)
Link for ideas on how to approach getting over research brickwalls at FamilySearch.org. (https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Solving_Tough_Research_Problems%E2%80%94Overcoming_Brick_Walls)

b.Where I would like to go with my research
i. Find “lost or unknown” people (and details?)
ii. Fill-in details of known people

c. Where I am in family history display (for myself and/or others)
i. Personal file collection of family group sheets, information, and copies of documents, photos
ii. Framed or posted family tree with or without pictures and/or vital details
iii. Scrapbook(s) of family or individuals with various items including some or all but not limited to group sheets, information, documents or copies, photos.
iv. Written manuscripts of my research including various items including some or all but not limited to group sheets, information, documents or copies, photos using various formats from loose leaf to various bindings
v. Published and printed hard or soft-bound books or DVD (www.lulu.com)(a POD publisher)
vi.Personal pages of family history on the internet which can range from family trees, additional information, pages for an individual, or personal logs or journals of stories, details about the family (http://www.google.com/sites/overview.html), (www.wikitree.com)
vii. Adding family trees and supporting illustrations (as allowed) on the internet (www.wikitree.com)
(WorldConnect family trees http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/) (FamilySearch Trees https://www.familysearch.org/upload)
viii. Placing individuals’ information on internet sites such as Find-a-Grave (http://www.findagrave.com/), or surname or geographic location web pages (Search for my state and county at USGenWeb: http://usgenweb.org/states/index.shtml).

d. Disposition of my research when I am deceased
i. Leaving for relatives
ii. Donating to libraries or other repositories
iii. Uploading to archival sites online (Permanence???)

Query: Hearon

I am currently working on my family tree on the name of Hearon.

I am particularly trying to locate descendants of Charlie Hearon and Annie Warren Hearon. I am at a standstill trying to locate the cemetery where Annie Hearon was buried and when. I have found Charlie, Sr. already. My daddy, E. L. Hearon and Charlie Hearon were first cousins – their daddies were brothers. Anyone who could help me locate these descendants please contact me at sheltonx2@suddenllink.net or 903-839-4788. I would appreciate it so much. The last information that I have is maybe two sons and maybe one daughter are still living somewhere in the Mineola area.

Jack King Seale and His Dogs

President Ronnive Vance submitted these photos of Wood County tombstones. Do you have any interesting tombstones in the county to share?

Reverting back to old practices, Jack King Seale chose to be buried on his property along CR 3235 between Lake Lydia and Concord Cemetery located on FM 778. Also buried with Jack are two of his dogs, Heidi and Hecter. Their gravesites are also marked. Not long after Jack passed and the dogs were also buried, his wife sold the house and land, including the grave site, and returned to her family in the Carolinas. Another unusual twist is that Jack’s gravestone is facing north instead of the customary east facing stone.

Interested in Dallas Workshop March 24th?

Secretary Shirley Patrick shared the following email with us. If you are interested get in touch with Shirley. Her email address and phone number are on the roster in the member-only page which you can link to from the address at the top right column of this page. You also can post a comment to this topic below.

Anyone want to go?

“In this work shop, we will explore using resources to help find ancestors before 1830 as well as new tools and ideas in research, and ways to put it together. … Learn how to employ probate, land census, tax and other compiled records to help bridge the gap. Learn technological developments (including gadgets and gizmos); newly discovered resources for genealogical research , and more. …Learn how to go beyond the basic “political map” for genealogical research. Explore maps tracing boundary changes, religious groups, political districts, migration routes, and more. Last session is PUTTING IT TOGETHER: A case study. Watch as records from the home (family bibles and letters) are combined with newspapers, tax records, census records, cemetery records, and other records to compile the family story. “

For more information: Dallas Workshop Information

Query: Champion

I am researching my husband’s family genealogy. (I am fairly new at this and would appreciate any tips or information you can share.)
I am trying to locate two of his ancestors: Joseph H Champion and Adison M Champion.
I have found both on the 1920 Census. They were residing in Hawkins, Wood Co TX. They were living with Jasper N Champion who was the head of household. This is the last piece of accurate information that I have on them. Joseph was my husbands’ great grandfather and Adison was his grand uncle. Joseph left Alabama amidst a family scandal and was never heard from again. My quest is to see where he passed and bring this closure to the family line. (The accusation that caused him to leave his family in Alabama was later recanted). Two of his sons, came
to TX hoping to find him and bring him back home to Alabama. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate him and returned to Alabama empty handed. If you have any information to help me on this quest; it would be appreciated.
Please contact me via: sboyett@gmail.com
Thank you for your assistance,
Susan Boyett


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