Wood County Cemetery Mailing List Up For Adoption

An email this week from the TX-WOOD-CEM mailing list from Rootsweb is that it is up for adoption to become “list mom. Anyone interested should contact current mom Diana (BigMomma ArkansasFamilies ). I assume it would be okay to become a “list pop” also. This is on a first come, first served basis if you are interested.

2 Responses

  1. What is a list mom

    • It’s called list administrator. Here are some things about it from Rootsweb:

      Your key responsibility as an administrator is to maintain the mailing list (lists) assigned to you. The time required to do this will vary with the size and popularity of your list.
      This is a brief outline of what is expected of a mailing list administrator. Instructions on how to perform these duties are available in the list administrators’ help pages.

      You are required to:
      Maintain a current contact address on your List Tools or utility page.
      Subscribe to your list and monitor the posts.
      Determine the guidelines for your list.
      Remove bad addresses, which cause bounce notices.
      Read and comply with RootsWeb’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
      Write listmaster@rootsweb.com for approval prior to selling or promoting any services (or items) on your list.
      You are encouraged to:
      Prompt discussions on your list when it is in a lull.
      Promote your list and encourage new subscribers.
      Assist users when necessary or possible.
      Intervene to resolve problems or disputes that are detrimental to your list.
      Gateway your list with allied message boards.

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