Meeting Notes& Links — January 2012

Notes for Developing Innovations in Online Digital Research

It’s not all online and never will be.
Just like printed sources, you must take online information with a grain of salt until you check the quality of its sources.
Well-intentioned people sometimes make mistakes.
Sometimes life intervenes and the mistakes do not get corrected before you see the data.

Not Withstanding all of that …..
We live in a digital age in which more and more records including those which are
And are available online for pay or for free.
And we communicate
Less & less by these methods:

Face to face
By pokey old postal mail
By telephone (yes, by telephone)
More & more by these methods:

Email and texting
Online discussion and messaging
Skype (oops! That can be face to face, too)
And quicker than in the past!

Genealogy Tips & Resources

Search Engines

Blogs (electronic journals)
Personal genealogy research
Ethnic or area research
Genealogy activities

Wikis (collaborative web pages)
wikis for surnames or areas
wikis for research resources or tips
Sources:,_North_Carolina (also known as Encyclopedia of Genealogy)

Digital Books (online or download)
http://www.HeritageQuest Online book search (access through library or library access code
from home) (also known as the Internet Archive)

Podcasts (Recorded Audio)
Download or listen online at your convenience.

Talk Radio (Online)
Live but recorded and available for later download

Sources: (search on genealogy)

Live and online participation in a genealogy seminar (or just watching it happen) or later viewing an archived copy)

Social Media

Also some Oldies but Goodies!
Genealogy Email Mailing Lists
Genealogy Message Boards

7 Responses

  1. Here’s a site I don’t see in your list that is among the most authoritative and helpful:

    It records contemporaneous information that is literally cast in stone.🙂

  2. May I share this link on resources with my genealogy society mailing list with recognition to Wood Co., Gen Society?


    • Hi Beverley,
      Fell free to use anything we post on the site. We are in the sharing of information business.🙂


  3. Beverley, you’re being too polite. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone, but unless a site clearly says otherwise, I urge you to share every link to every site as often as you like.

  4. In fact, you don’t even have to ask to copy the entire content verbatim, provided you comply with this license:

    • Hi Daniel,
      You are right on in both your comments. Thanks for sharing the answer with Beverly while I was out working in the yard today. I just got in and posted much the same response to her before looking at your two comments.


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