September Pot Luck Dinner meeting to Kick Off Year

Our WCGS September kick-off-the-year-meeting is a pot luck dinner like last year beginning at 6 p.m. next Monday (Sept. 19) at the Shamburger Room at the Quitman Public Library. We will also hold one of our two yearly business meetings that evening. You’ll meet the new officers and committee chairman and have a chance to walk up and say you’d like to help on their committees and hear about some plans for meetings and events this coming society year. By the way, it’s okay to help on several committees if you have interests and skills in those areas. Remember, as for all our events, if you would like to bring a family member, friend, or other guest that would be great.

In order to coordinate what we need to bring, please contact Sally Allcorn, our Hospitality Chairman for the 2011-12 society year, and let her know what you plan to bring that evening. That’s to make sure we don’t get too much of the same items and come up short on others. Contact Sally at or 903-763-4191.

To those who live in other states, we realize that a trip from California or elsewhere at great distances might not be possible. However, if you are in the area, come on down. We would love to have a chance to see you and visit in person.

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