New Wood County Research Resources

Three books of abstracts of Wood County records have been at to the society’s Genealogy Research Room at the Quitman Public Library.

Wood County Unclaimed Marriages 1890 to 1960s is a listing of marriage certificates at the Wood County Courthouse in Quitman which have never been picked up. The data of names and dates duplicates some in our bound books of county marriages also in the research room, but these are actual certificates housed at the courthouse in the basement (at the time of the research for the book published in 2008). The certificates are “gradually fading away due to age and climate conditions” according to Patsy Vinson, president of the Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records (OPHGR) which published all three of these new books.Proof of relationship to the persons on the certificate is required to pickup a copy at the courthouse.

Mechanic’s Liens of Wood County, Texas Volume A names individuals and businesses involved in buying and selling of items such as building materials for houses and equipment and the terms of loans to secure the transactions. The book is indexed. The information was compiled by Laverne Howard Wyatt and pubished in 2009.

Misdemeanor Guilty Pleas of Wood County, Texas -1892-1946 Volumes 1 to 4 lists names of those who so plead, fines, jail times, and the nature of the criminal offense. Jail times ranged from none to minutes to multiple days. Some of the crimes included assaults, gaming, abusive language, killing quail out of season, and killing fish. The book is also indexed. The author is Patsy Vinson, and the book was published in 2008.

African-American Genealogy Research

There’s no question that an enormous brick wall faces most African-American researchers because of the lack of readily available information especially in the lack of census records during the era of slavery.

Kimberly Powell of Genealogy has listed her top ten online sites for African-American genealogy research at this link:

We Need Some Help With Queries

We seem to be getting a higher place in search engines for Wood County, Texas genealogy. That means we are seeing more and more queries from people who live too far away to drive or fly to Wood County to research.

This also means those who have subscribed to our website auto email feature are receiving lots of emails. Sorry about that, but it seems to be the price of success.

What we need is more members both living in Wood County and those who live far away who can provide information to queries to start responding to these requests. In the best of all worlds, if we do this for others, we can hope someone will also help us when we are too far away to drive to an area for our own research.

Also, if you contact the person directly when the person provides an email address, please also send a copy (cc or bcc to so that we can share what you have found here for other researchers who might have an interest. A lot of us doing a little share means we can be of more service to more people.

Query: Rhone

I am looking to obtain a copy of the will of James S. Rhone who died in November, 1899. He is buried in Wood County along with three of his wives. I have since found that that he has a will #476, Book F; pages 37-52. Not all these pages are his will, but it also includes an inventory. How would I be able to obtain a copy of this will? Can some kind soul out there help me out?

Chicago, IL

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Query: Gloar

I am interested in researching my family history. My father is George Travis Gloar. My grandparents are J. D. Gloar and Effie Gilbreath Gloar.

I would like to know of any resources that may aid in my research.

Thank you,

Holly Gloar Gladsden

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