Query: Thompson/Austin

Lost and now found in the clutter of an overstuffed email inbox is this email from member Lou Mallory.


Wanted you all to see this and if you can find anything. You will note below I have sent them a message and also have sent them the article on the Clover Hill Community from Texas Handbook Online.


—– Original Message —–
From: Lou Mallory
To: sage.myst@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 11:56 AM
Subject: Thompson/Austin


As you will note, your inquiry was forwarded to me. I have discovered that Elder Blaylock was a pastor at one time at Clover Hill
Baptist Church
northeast of Quitman. The community has all but become a ghost community. There was a community nearby called Pleasant Grove and the church members at Clover Hill may have joined the church at Pleasant Grove.

The only record of marriages that I know of here in Wood County are the county records of which you mention. Also a check was made of cemetery records and we did not find either of your great grandparents being buried here in the county.

I am going to send this inquiry to the Wood County Genealogical Society as they might possibly have some information on the Thompson genealogical line.


Lou Mallory, Chairman
Wood County Historical Commission

One Response

  1. I compiled a history of the Clover Hill Church & Cemetery many years ago & obtained a historical marker for the cemetery. I gave copies of the histories to Quitman Library, so perhaps the information you’re looking for is it. I also did additional research that might be help.
    Jane Herring

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