Interested in Computer Skills Classes?

An on-going discussion for several months is computer skills classes. At the March meeting, a request for class topics included these:
1) basics, 2) saving files, 3) basic email including forwards and sending pictures, 4) basic word processing (especially MS Word), and 5) scanning.

If you have other suggestions or would like to let us know if you would be interested in attending (and what interests you the most), please email Deason Hunt at If you do not have email access you can call Deason or see him at the April regular meeting.

Vice-president Dorothy Harbin recently secured use of computers for such a class, but if you have a wireless-enabled laptop or netbook, you could bring your own. Let us know about whether or not you could bring your own.

Classes have not been scheduled, but we possibly could start setting dates and times soon.

5 Responses

  1. Deason: we can begin as early as this month of April, Also, we will have a guest entertainer, Pat Davis, to bring some ole time music for us.

    • Hi Dorothy, I had one email that said Delene’s husband would be the program for April, and this one says Pat Davis. Is it both? Also, what’s the nature of their program/entertainment? I would be happy to get this information out before the meeting to try to get more people there. Is there anything else you know of for the April meeting? Deason

  2. May will be election of officers, also.

  3. Deason, SORRY, Pat Davis is WRONG, correct it to Eugene (Pat) Allen, Delene’s husband, he will be playing bango, guitar and ?, instruments, he plans to play ole time music both gospel, bluegrass and others of interest of days gone bye.
    this is all I can tell you, she was supposed to send you a bio- of him but guess she forgot, she’s outoftown today. His part will be short, about 15-30 minutes. ALSO, we DO HAVE PERMISSION, to use the computers MONDAY,if we choose. They are supposed to leave it open for us to use computers, Delene will probably be there as her husband will perform. Call me if questions. DH

    • Thanks, Dorothy. I’ll get the word out. I’m can’t be ready to have a lesson next Monday. I was thinking maybe getting set up for June, July, and August. Deason

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