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Thanks to Wood County Genealogical society president Shirley Patrick for suggesting the website. It is one that is not listed everywhere in directories but which brings together many sources including user-contributed obituary data. If you are still searching for a certain ancestor’s data, etc., this should be among your search resources.

The very important place of the local genealogical society in today’s webbed world

(Originally posted by Deason Hunt on December 2, 2010 at 9:11am in Save Our (Local Genealogical) Societies)

Let me start by saying that I can see three key roles (and hope that you will comment on these or add other key roles):
1) To make available to any and all researchers local information which is not and might never be available electronically/online
2) To help find and support those who want to get started searching for their own family history and/or those who are stuck at brick walls
3) To support and share with those who have the common interests of the genealogical community at heart

If you would like to add to this discussion or make comments on it, you can do so at this link:

Good Review of FREE Genealogy Software

There are lots of opinions of the best programs to use to get your family history data on to the computer, etc. One I ran across today from one of my RSS feeds is from Gizmo, a site which reviews FREE software in general.

The posting today lists some of the most popular FREE genealogy programs. For most of us (and especially for those just starting to get your data on your computer) these programs will work just as well as the ones you have to buy. It would be possible to start here and never use any other program, or a person could start here and upgrade to a commercial program later.

If you have been looking, you might want to give this Gizmo page a look-see:’s+Best-ever+Freeware)


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