Printer-Copier Doing Great Work Again

Regarding our discussion at the November meeting: the Genealogical Research Center sheet-feed printer-copier is once again churning out good black and white copies. Thanks to member Shirley Bates for getting that taken care of for us.

Life in the Pineywoods – Chapter 2

Ona Wood writes about life in Wood County in the early 1850’s reflecting the life of Peter Gunstream and especially the Holly Springs community of eastern Wood County in Chapter 2 of the story of her ancestor’s coming to the county. This chapter is available on the members only site by going to the link at the top right of this page. Here’s an excerpt from the chapter:

It was not until the year 1857 that the first school house was built in the settlement of the deep eastern part of Wood County. The little log school house was located about one half mile southwest of the Gunstream home. The principal patrons were P. M. Gunstream, Mr. Isham Burnett, and Mr. B. L. Robbins.
The first school that was taught in the log structure was under the tutelage of Miss Emily Smith, a very young girl. She had an enrollment of fifteen pupils.
The school term was very short. That was the case of all the school terms throughout the entire county, and in many other places of the state for the next half century. The school usually ran for a term of three or four months; and in some instances two months in the summer time after crops were “laid by.”
The children had to walk long distances to reach the school house, even as much as four miles or more. By the time a youngster reached the school building, ate his lunch, and returned home, most of the day was gone.
The only school books were those that parents might have brought from the old states or , perchance, some father had been lucky enough to find during a trip to Jefferson or Marshall when going for supplies for the family.

Query: Ingram

I am searching for information concerning D. T. Ingram, including full name, exact date of birth and death, parents, etc. He is listed on the 1860 Census for Precinct No. 2, Quitman Post Office, Wood County as D. T. Ingram (29 yrs. old). Others listed are Frances E. (F, 27), Lucy A. (F, 5) and Wm. H. (M, 3). On the 1860 Census it is stated that both D. T. and Frances were born in Tennessee; the children were born in Texas. He may also be listed on the 1870 Census, Precinct No. 1, Quitman Post Office, Wood County. There is a listing for a D. T. Ingram (37; age wrong?). Others listed are S.F. (F, 21 – a “new wife”?), L. A. (F, 15), Wm. H. (11; another wrong age?), Lee Anna (F, 9) and M. F. (F, 5). It is again stated that D. T. was from Tennessee, but “S. F.” is stated to have been born in Texas. All children are said to have been born in Texas.
On a Texas Death Certificate for W. H. Ingram (born 7 March 1857; died 21 Nov. 1925) it is stated that the father of W. H. Ingram was Tap Ingram. I believe that this is William H. Ingram, the son of D. T. This death certificate was signed by C. C. Cockerell. I believe this is Calvin C. Cockerell, who was the son of Mary Frances “Fannie” Ingram Cockerell (4 March 1864- 26 May 1945) and Gaston Armstrong Cockerell (29 March 1853 – 3 Feb. 1935). Calvin was the nephew of William H. Cockerell and grandson of D. T. Ingram. Mary Frances Ingram Cockerell and Gaston Armstrong Cockerell’s first-born son was named Henry Tapling Cockerell. Therefore, the “T.” in “D.T.” could possibly represent “Tap” or “Tapling”.
If you have any information that you think would be helpful, please contact Phil Murry at

Correction to: Our Christmas Party Dec. 20th Posted on December 6, 2010

The phone number to arrange a ride to the party is 903-967-7296. Thanks to Vice-president Dorothy Harbin for mentioning this. I hope no one had a problem using the incorrect number. dh

Member-Use Equipment in Genealogy Center

Wood County Genealogical Society members and other researchers have access to this equipment in the genealogy research center at the Quitman Public Library to help with their research needs there:

  • a computer with high-speed internet access
  • a printer attached to the computer with a sheet-feed copy option
  • a scanner to copy material from books and related materials
  • a microfilm/microfiche reader/printer for use with microfilm housed in the center and at the front desk at the library
  • a separate reader-only microfiche machine

    There is also a bank of computers in the library which can be used by those holding a card from the Quitman Public Library. Wood County residents who do not have a library card there can have one on request with proper identification.

    The library also has a wifi internet signal and those with laptop computers can use them in the library if they are wifi enabled. There are electrical connections at the research table in the genealogy area (and elsewhere in the library) for those needing to plug-in their laptops.

  • Our Christmas Party Dec. 20th

    The Wood County Genealogical Society Christmas party will be held starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 20 at President Shirley Patrick‘s Home. All members and their guests are invited. Holiday finger foods brought by members and other refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

    Shirley lives at 323 CR 2377 which is the road that runs behind Alba-Golden schools. Those local and area members who don’t wish to drive (since the party will end after sunset) should contact member Shirley Bates at 903-976-7296 as soon as possible to arrange for transportation. She will match you up with a member near you who is driving that night. Maps to the Patrick home are available on the member-only site available by the link in the upper right corner of this page.

    If you know of local or area members who do not get email or have access to the internet, please give them a call and a reminder about the party.

    Daily Genealogy News, Tips, Ideas

    A good place to see general genealogy news for ideas, tips, and what other’s are doing is at this daily genealogy newspaper. The link is


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