Genealogy Research Center’s New Look

The rearrangement and reorganization of shelving, equipment, and research materials which was begun in October was finished in November just before Thanksgiving week with the labeling of collection areas on the shelves.

Research Table

Research Table

The project was completed by WCGS member volunteers, members of the Quitman Public Library staff, and City of Quitman employees who helped with come of the heavy lifting and moving.
The research table was moved out in front of the genealogy center to create more room for extra shelving inside. Also, the microfilm scanner and printer were moved inside and located by the computer and other equipment.
Wood Count Collection

Wood County Collection

This opened up the room for easier foot traffic flow and air circulation.
The Wood County collection is now on the front shelf in the middle of the center and is the first resources visitors to the center see. Newsletters were moved to the back shelves and labeled for easy access by researchers.
The chairs at the research table were temporarily replaced, and plans are to look into finding new seating for the table in the near future.
Also, a scanner has been added to the room and is attached to the computer. Users may scan documents or pages from books for personal use and then print them out using the copier/printer attached to the computer.
Thanks Slide

Thanks to these folks and all the others who contributed time, effort, and cooperation.

4 Responses

  1. Looking forward to visiting the new room! Thanks for all the great work.

  2. It looks great! Hope I can get up there sometime.

  3. Folks,

    The room looks great!!!!!!! You did a wonderful job. Thanks to Deason for spearheading the project.

  4. We enjoyed helping with it, and most everyone will agree it was a LABOR OF LOVE for our Genealogy Society, our library and our town of Quitman, Texas.

    Ya’ll come to see our genealogy room when you can and stay a while, lots of interesting information.

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