October 2010 Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting
Quitman Public Library
October 19, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Shirley Patrick at 7:00 pm with 10 members present. President Shirley Patrick welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

The minutes stood approved as presented.

The financial report was passed. Treasurer Wayne McCluney reported he have just received the financial information and would have two reports at next month’s meeting. He did report the September 30, 2010 bank statement showed a balance of $1,703.50.


Deason Hunt reported the genealogy room had been rearranged and everything for the most part has been put back. The machines are on the far wall and everything is up and running. The fax machine that is also a printer for the computer is not working. Wayne McCluney, Nita Munoz and Deason Hunt all reported they had printers there were willing to donate to the society.

The Hwy 80 garage sale made $90.00 dollars and made 3 contacts. Everyone who worked had a good time.


Deason Hunt gave a report on an email he received from Delene DelaRosa about Michael Aday, HeirLoom Archivist from Texas A&M University – Commerce regarding digitization of historical and genealogical records, photographs, etc. There is an IMLS grant that covers the software to digitize as well as Mr. Aday’s time to train anyone interested how to use the digitization program and how it links to a central website location at A&M University. After discussion it was decided to have a called meeting for this presentation at 5:30 on a Monday with subway for supper. Deason will contact Delene about setting up a meeting with Mr. Aday to speak with the society.

There was a discussion about having a Christmas party on the 3rd Monday of December which is the 20th at 6 pm at President Shirley Patrick’s house.

Deason Hunt went over a hand out he passed out to everyone present. The hand out was ideas from several members who have been talking about them off and on. The hand out was an attempt to get them on the table so the society could start thinking about them.

Deason Hunt reported he would like to society to find ways to be of more help for the members that don’t live in Wood County. He asked everyone to think of ideas and ways to help them more.

After discussion a motion was made by Babara Coleman seconded by Nita Munoz to donate a book in memory of Dorothy Harbin’s husband Bud Harbin.

November meeting: anyone wishing to meet at 5 pm at Peralta’s for supper is welcome. The group will then return to the library to be available to help anyone with research from 6-7 and the regular society meeting will begin at 7pm

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.
Minutes were taken by recording/corresponding secretary Kathy Lutonsky

FREE Genealogy Help at About.com

Familiar with About.com? This all inclusive website/service features (for FREE) advice on all sorts of topics. Particularly helpful to genealogists is Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog at genealogy.about.com.

Kimberly Powell features what seems like a never-ending variety of topics with which she is familiar and has obviously researched. For instance, recently she offered an entry on questions to ask to get your relatives to give their oral histories and an article titled “Family Health History Better Than Genetic Screening.” Many other postings there include sources for searching for information (almost always FREE) and how-to tips.

Thanks to QPL Librarian Delene Delarosa for suggesting this website which I have used so often but that I guess I took too much for granted.

Camp County Obituaries

Here’s the link for Camp County obituaries in the Northeast Texas Digital Collections: http://dmc.tamu-commerce.edu/cdm4/results.php?CISOOP1=any&CISOBOX1=Camp+County+Obituary&CISOFIELD1=CISOSEARCHALL&CISOROOT=all

Wood County in NE Texas Digital Collections

Wood County Genealogical Society through our association with the Quitman Public Library has entered into an agreement which makes it possible to preserve many genealogical and historical documents in our care and solves the problem of how to make such items available to the public at large. As participants with the Northeast Texas Digital Collection of the Texas A&M at Commerce Libraries, we are able to scan and upload public domain documents at no charge to the society. Once online, they are available for researchers who have a family or historical interest in Wood County.

Texas A&M-Commerce Heirloom Archivist, Michael Aday, met with society members this fall and outlined how the program worked. He has returned and started scanning items for our area. We will later set up a workshop where he will teach society members how to do our own scanning and uploading.

A visit to this address link: http://dmc.tamu-commerce.edu/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=/quitman will let members (and the public) see how the work is progressing.

As a special note to members who have been discussing what to do about our obituary collection, I suggest that while there, you also search for Camp County, Texas obituaries to see how they have approached that issue.

WCGS Is In 27th Year

As we approach our 30th year celebration in 2013, we will, from time to time, look back at historical moments of the Wood County Genealogical Society. Because the earliest newsletter we have in the archives is Issue #2 published in April 1986, we have been looking for earlier documents and found a copy of a letter (written by the society president in 1983) which sheds some light on our very first months. Here is a part of that letter dated 29 October 1983:

Thank you for your recent inquiry of Wood County Genealogical Society and becoming a charter member. We have only recently formed. In September we had an organizational meeting and in October we had a beginner workshop. We are excited about our plans for the society’s growth. Since we will not have a quarterly to begin with, our membership fees are $5.00 per person each year or $7.50 per family each year. Our year begins September 1, 1983.
Included in your membership, our members volunteer their time to check all indexed records including Wood County cemeteries, marriages, and other area records. Other research will be done for $5.00 per hour. Our Quitman Library has the only collection of Wood County Democrat from the late 1800’s to the present. Until 1920 all issues of the newspaper for each year are not there. We would love to have you join our society.
Margaret West Franzen

Genealogy Research Center’s New Look

The rearrangement and reorganization of shelving, equipment, and research materials which was begun in October was finished in November just before Thanksgiving week with the labeling of collection areas on the shelves.

Research Table

Research Table

The project was completed by WCGS member volunteers, members of the Quitman Public Library staff, and City of Quitman employees who helped with come of the heavy lifting and moving.
The research table was moved out in front of the genealogy center to create more room for extra shelving inside. Also, the microfilm scanner and printer were moved inside and located by the computer and other equipment.
Wood Count Collection

Wood County Collection

This opened up the room for easier foot traffic flow and air circulation.
The Wood County collection is now on the front shelf in the middle of the center and is the first resources visitors to the center see. Newsletters were moved to the back shelves and labeled for easy access by researchers.
The chairs at the research table were temporarily replaced, and plans are to look into finding new seating for the table in the near future.
Also, a scanner has been added to the room and is attached to the computer. Users may scan documents or pages from books for personal use and then print them out using the copier/printer attached to the computer.
Thanks Slide

Thanks to these folks and all the others who contributed time, effort, and cooperation.

November Meeting Next Monday: See Times; Pat Mapes Speaker

The regular monthly meeting for November for the Wood County Genealogical Society is at 7 p.m. Monday, November 15 at the Shamburer Room at the Quitman Public Library. Pat MAPES is scheduled to talk about her trip to England for family history research

The pre-meeting “eating meeting” at Peralta’s will start at 5 p.m. We are usually in one of the back rooms. Just ask the attendant at Peralta’s. Some (most?, all?) will go over to the library at 6 p.m. to be available to meet with members/guests or the general public wishing consultation on getting started with their research or ideas to help with their brick walls.

We will also discuss some business items and plans for future meetings such as the Christmas party in December. We hope to see you there if you live in the area and can make it.


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