September Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting
Quitman Public Library
September 20, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Shirley Patrick at 6:50 pm with 17 members and 3 guests present. Instead of a program everyone brought a covered dish. Shirley Bates welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Everyone introduce themselves. Vicki Peterson blessed the food. The business meeting was postponed until after the meal.

The business meeting was called to order by President Shirley Patrick at 7:40 pm. The minutes stood approved as presented.

Treasurer Sally Allcorn presented financial reports for May, June, July and August, which appears below:
Last Bank Statement Dated: August 1, 2010
Starting Balance Shown (08/01/10): $ 1,306.03
4 Single Memberships: 60.00
Copier money 6.00
Donation 10.00
Reimbursement for T-Shirst 460.00
Total Deposits: $ 536.00
Austin Printing (banner) 63.50
S & A Sportswear (T-shirts) 460.00
Total Expenses: $ 523.50

Ending Balance Shown (08/31/10): $ 1,318.53
Outstanding checks: None
Deposits not shown: 65.00
Current Balance: $ 1,383.53

The financial report stood approved as read.

Old Business:

Dorothy Harbin gave an update on the genealogy sign to go under the libraries metal sign out front of the building, the cost for a 2×4 is $125.00 and the cost for a 2×3 is $80.00. After discussion a motion was made by Mary Beth Ramage, seconded by Willie Kay Paredez to go with the 2×3 sign with red lettering on a white background. Motion passed.

Deason Hunt reported Old Settlers was very successful. We got the word out about the society and got a good list of names. The society will need to do some follow up with the names. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the time spent together.

New Business:

Deason suggested giving the genealogy room a fresh look. He brought a computer generated layout of what the room would look like. Some of the things we don’t need will need to be packed away. Deleane will work with us on getting extra shelving if it is needed. Some libraries will be doing away with shelving and she may be able to get it for us.

Deason suggested participating in the Hwy 80 garage sale on Saturday, October 16th in Mineola. This will make the society more visible in the Mineola area. Everyone would need to donate items and help work the booth. If you are donating anything you need to have it priced and brought to the booth by 7:30 am. It was suggested to donate all left over items to APET or Goodwill. A motion was made by Dorothy Harbin, seconded by LaHoma Clanton to participate in the Hwy 80 garage sale on Saturday, October 16th with the understanding that all left over items will be donated to APET or Goodwill. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Minutes were taken by recording/corresponding secretary Kathy Lutonsky.

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