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The selections below come from the August 11, 2010 newsletter and were submitted to Rootsweb Review by readers/subscribers.

Challenging Spelling
I want to pass on a story about the search for my great grandfather, John McDowall. By the time I started searching for my mother’s parents, my grandparents had passed away. Mom knew very little about them. The one thing mother said was that her father INSISTED that his name be spelled with an “a”, though his sister, Mary, spelled it McDowell. My aunt Margie had told me that John McDowall had come from Scotland when he was l6, and changed his name because “people wouldn’t pronounce it properly”. With that, I gave up!!! Where to start???

In 2007, I received an email from someone named Bruce McDowall, spelled with an “a”!, from Melbourne, Australia! It had taken him two years of research to find me, going thru my cousin Mildred in Kansas, who gave him a regular address (not email). He went to my home town high school and found my email … and here we are. He identified not only my great grandfather but his parents AND their parents, with the spelling of William McDouall in l756. I will now continue the search for the other branches of this family.

Thanks to Diane Etherson

A Census Tickle
I had photos in my baby book of my mother’s family, but I didn’t have any names. I started my search looking for my grandparents’ name and information. When I started searching the census records, I couldn’t find my maternal grandfather anywhere. I finally started looking at the census page he should have been on line by line. It was then that I found they had transcribed his first name Ritchie as Bitchie.

Thanks to Christy Hutchinson in Texas

Census Note
This was written in the margin of the 1803 Census for Oglethorpe County Georgia, Capt Parmenas English District.

“Fishing Creek Academites part morallised the rest get drunk run in debt can’t pay go to jail breakout and run away.”

Thanks to Terry Robertson

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Eating Meeting Next Monday at Peralta’s

Members, guests, and visitors are invited to join our group meeting at Peralta’s Mexican Restaurant in Quitman next Monday (August 16) at 6 p.m. If you can make it, you’ll find us having a good time, talking, and sharing. Some of it will be genealogy (nothing official) and some just plain fun.

Genealogy Series Reruns Start This Week

If it slipped up on you and you missed the rerun last night at 7 p.m. on NBC, you can get photos and video clips of Lisa Kudrow’s episode on “Who Do You Think You Are?” at

The reruns continue weekly on Friday nights (on NBC) at 7 p.m. central time. Next week is the Sarah Jessica Parker California Gold Rush episode.

NBC will start the second year of the series with all new episodes later this programming season.

Drawing Winners from Old Settlers Named

Congratulations to the winners of our free drawing at the Old Settlers’s Reunion at Quitman last week.

The winner of the free copy of Don RANEY‘s biography and family history of Wood County’s first Anglo-American settler, “Martin VARNER: Texas Pioneer, His Life Story and His Descendants,” is Joe Wayne REYNOLDS of Quitman.

Sherma LARGENT of Quitman won the free year Wood County Genealogical Society membership for 2010-2011 and is, thus, the newest member of our society.

Old Settlers Reunion Begins This Week

We set up for Old Settlers Reunion starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, August 4 at the Hogg City Park in Quitman. Officially things kick off at 6 p.m. that day.

If you have volunteered to be in the booth, to help setup, etc,. or bring items please bring them in the 5-6 p.m. hour on Wednesday — and the earlier the better.

Also remember to dress for heat and start getting ready by taking in some extra water prior to Wednesday or the days you will be out there. It could still be near 100 degrees at 6 p.m. most days of the reunion.

Dorothy Harbin told me she has the shirts if you ordered one. If she hasn’t gotten with you before the Old Settlers, she’ll probably do so there. She also says the banner will be ready.

If anyone has had to change plans or can’t do something they volunteered for, please contact Deason Hunt ( or 903-769-0792) as soon a possible.

Again, we want to invite all members and friends to come out to the booth whenever you can either just to visit or to help in any way you can while there. I think it’s important for us to be visible and let people how happy were are to (1) be doing genealogy and (2) how we enjoy each other’s company.

If you can stay a while, consider bringing a lawn chair. We will have a limited number of chairs for workers in the booth.

Query: Bryant

Jerry Byron BRYANT posted the following query as a comment on the JARRELL posting. It was moved here so that maybe more would see it.

Looking for any information (ancesters or decendents) of William Byron BRYANT, b. 1878, Decatur Co., GA, d, 11 March, 1955, Yantis, Wood Co., TX. He owned a general store in Yantis.

You can contact Jerry at


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