Don’t Do as “They” Did, Do as I Wish

I can’t tell you the number of times I wish I could ask a long deceased ancestor a burning question about family or life. Of course, that’s not possible.

Sometimes I run across a letter or journal of thoughts or events, an old newspaper clipping, etc. (usually from someone else’s family and not mine), and wish they had written such things or had saved them and passed them down through the generations to me today. Of course, if they didn’t, that’s just wishful thinking.

Then it hits me. Am I writing journals, notes, letters and saving clippings and pictures, etc. Nope is usually the answer. The reason is likely the same as my ancestors: I don’t see the things I see, do, and have as having much importance.

But, oh the importance I would attach to anything my great grandparents had saved, written, or done.

Then it hits me again. Some day, I will possibly be the great grandfather and the things my far distant descendant ordinary daily things would treasure knowing will have also been lost to time and history. Oh, they’ll probably be able to find official records with names and dates and a little more information from some online database. We know, however, how little that actually says about the person.

So, as I try to answer the question of what I’m going to do (and in some cases continue to do), I share the question with you. What are YOU doing to leave bits and pieces of your life and those around you for your possible descendants?

Journaling? Clipping and saving? Storing? Writing letters or emails (and keeping copies)? Making plans to put these some place that future generations might find them?

We will be gone some day just like our ancestors. What daily things about our lives might our great grandchildren treasure knowing?

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