Two Members Recognized for Contributions

Two members were recognized for their contribution this spring.

Shirley BATES, long-time newsletter editor, keeper of genealogical research center and acquisitions manager, membership chairman, and many other jobs was presented with an honorary lifetime membership by the society at the March society meeting.

Treasurer Sally ALLCORN was recognized for her three-term service as treasurer at the May society meeting. She has also served on committees and has done research and organization work in the library among her many contributions.

Thanks to both of these ladies and friends who have given “above and beyond” to the society and the cause of Wood County genealogy in general.

Bates&Harbin lifetime award

Shirley Bates, left, receives her Lifetime Member plaque from Vice-president Dorothy Harbin.

Allcorn Service Award

Sally Allcorn, right, receives copy of a Wood County history book in recognition of her service as a three-term treasurer.

3 Responses

  1. How do I get a Wood Couny History Book?
    How do I get in touch with Dorothy Harbin?
    I have ancestors who lived there. They are the Harbins, George Washington and Mary Caroline McWhirter Harbin. Also, Jasper Green McWhirter and Mary Silvania Tucker.
    I also have Smith Ancestors: George Washington Smith, and Adlaide Nichols Smith. They had a son Demetrius Smith . All lived and died in Wood Co.TX.
    Could someone provide a phone number, email address, of Dorothy Harbin.
    Mary Louise Hanson, Amory MS.
    61095 hwy 278 east
    Amory MS 38821

    • Louise: Here is my email address, send me mail and I will furnish you with a phone number where I may be reached by leaving me a message. Sorry to be so long in responding, maybe I will call you on my cell phone and briefly get all the info and whatever I can help you, I will try to do as time permits. Thanks, Dorothy

  2. Could I please get a copy of the guardianship papers of George Washington Harbin in about 1904 of the six children of jasper Green McWhirter and Mary Silvania Tucker McWhirter that were orphaned by Green getting killed by a train in 1902?
    Mary Hanson
    61094 Hwy 278 East
    Amory, MS 38821

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