Society to Have Booth at Old Settlers Reunion

The society will set up and run an informational and help booth for those who would like more information about genealogy or help with starting their own research at the Old Settlers Reunion August 4-7 at Quitman.

Members are invited to participate and/or come by and visit with those at the booth Wednesday through Saturday nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. We are investigating setting up of displays and perhaps some audio-visual presentations.

Hope to see you there!

Welcome to New Member

Mary Ann NISWANGER of Mineola has recently joined the society. We are delighted to have her as a member. Surnames she is researching are RAGSDALE, PARMER, SWAIN, BENNETT, HARRISON, UNDERWOOD, and DUGGER. Her email and other contact information will be added to the member contact list on the member only site at the next update to that file. In the meantime, if you have help to offer on those surnames, feel free to post something here in the comments.

Query: Williams

A researcher has posted on the Rootsweb TXWood mailing list for information about Robert N. WILLIAMS and Mary (Wright) WILLIAMS who came to Wood County from Alabama. You can see all of his post at this link:

Life In The Piney Woods – Chapter One

We have begun the serial publication of Life In The Piney Woods by Ona WOOD. It is available to members on the members-only page which you can access at the top right column of this page. It will also appear in the second quarter (June, 2010) newsletter.

The foreword (by Mrs. Ona Wood) was previously published here. If you would like to read it again before going to Chapter one, click here.

Thanks to member Mark Reid who digitized the first chapters of Mrs. Wood’s book.


Life In The Piney Woods – Chapter One


The day dawned beautiful. The sun projected its rays across the waters of the northern seas in an effort, it seemed, to hold in check the restless beating of the waves.

On the deck of a ship lying at anchor in Baltic waters in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark stood a young man, well groomed and handsome.
The long locks of his light wavy hair sweeping loosely around his neck were tousled by the wind; the tangy sea breeze upon his face, caused his eyes to turn occasionally from their far-distant gaze; within their depths, like a mirror to his soul; shone a spirit of courage and strength, supported by an abiding peace.

Inside the iron-bound chest, bearing the name of P. M. Gunstream, that had just been placed on board were many tools that were to be used to ply his trade in a new world. To read the remainder of Chapter One, go to the member-only page.

Something FREE from does have some free items to entice us to come to that website (in hopes of getting us to subscribe, but we don’t have to subscribe to use the free stuff).

The following was posted in the most recent Rootsweb newsletter (an all-free site which Ancestry assumed sponsorship of several years ago).

Ancestry Wiki
We would like to let you all know about a new feature – the Ancestry Family History Wiki ! If typing in the page address, it is

The Wiki, along with other free resources, is available in the Learning Center. Currently you can review the Red Book and The Source with more to come when we are beyond the beta stage. When you are signed in with your RootsWeb or any Ancestry login account you will be able to edit and add content – you can do this by clicking on the Edit links on the right hand side of the page above each article. Previously published in RootsWeb Review: 9 June 2010, Vol. 13, No. 6

You can find other Ancestry free services at Ancestor Search Free (A listing of services, databases, and resources Ancestry makes free to anyone) at This link is also always available on the WCGS Bulletin General Links page.

Contact List Updated, Treasurer’s Report

The member contact list has been updated at the member-only site which can be accessed through this page (See upper right column.). The April treasurer’s report has also been posted there.

Budget for 2010-2011 Adopted

The WCGS budget for 2010-2011 was unanimously adopted by members present and voting at the regular May meeting.

Estimated Income:
59 Individual Memberships @ $15.00 each = $885.00
7 Family memberships @ $20.00 each = $140.00
Revenue from copier, royalty, and Misc.= $275.00
Total = $1,300.00

Estimated Expenses:
Fixed Expenses: Membership TSGS* = $ 25.00
Post office box = $ 28.00
Rent – Shamburger Rm= $160.00
(8 mos. @ $15.00)
Allowances: Newsletter = $ 80.00
Misc. office expenses = $200.00
Speaker expenses = $100.00
Books = $100.00
Misc. expenses = $200.00
Total: = $893.00
Estimated profit: …………………………= $407.00


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