Genealogy Research Center Usage

A total of 197 users have signed in on the register at the Genealogy Research Center at the Quitman Library during the last 12 months. This is one measure of how much our center is used, but it does not include all those users who do not sign the register. Almost 60 percent of the users are current members of the society. Here’s the breakdown on usage:

We averaged 16 sign-in users a month during the year with 10 of those being members.On average three Wood County resident non-members used the center each month as did two users from Texas outside of Wood County, and one user from out of state.

The lowest number of users came in December and the winter months but including March and April. Numbers were up from May through November with the highest month October.

Query: Couch, Edgar, Gray

A researcher is looking for a record of an 1855 marriage in Wood County (Elisha Randolph Couch and Sarah Jane Edgar (Gray)) by The Rev. James Hargroves or Hargraves.

You can see the request at the Wood County (Texas) Ancestry message board at

Oops! Regular Meeting in May; Not an ‘Eating Meeting’

Cancel your plans to attend the “Eating Meeting” potluck supper at the May meeting. Due to a scheduling conflict, we are postponing that part of the May meeting until later in 2010.

The regular meeting will be held at the Quitman Library scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Officer elections will be held at that meeting.

You are invited to come by Peralta’s Restaurant in Quitman at 5:30 p.m. on meeting day and have a bite to eat and/or visit with those who come early before the regular meeting. As always, visitors and guests are welcome at both events.

We’re having an “Eating Meeting” in May

The program for the May meeting of the Wood County Genealogical Society (when we elect officers for the next year) will be a pot-luck dinner and business meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Library next Monday, May 17. Note the starting time is 30 minutes earlier than usual. We will skip the usual 5:30 p.m. get-together at Peralta’s this month only.

We are urging all members within driving distance to get some vittles and come on over and share the evening with the rest of us. We’ll visit, probably tell some tall-tales, and just have a good old time. Hope you will be there.

Bridges Cemetery Meeting

Any members having family buried in the Bridges Cemetery near Chapman in Rusk County, Texas are advised of the Annual Meeting and Dinner of the Bridges Cemetery Association this Saturday (May 15, 2010) on the grounds near the cemetery. Bridges Cemetery is near Henderson. For details, you should contact Sharon Gallatin Phillips, who emailed us with this reminder, at

Follow-up to FREE Genealogy Guide

If you missed the comment to the last posting, here’s the link for the free copy of the William Dollarhide book:

FREE Genealogy Guide

Thanks to member Scott Fitzgerald in a posting to for this tip: a free downloadable .pdf copy of William Dollarhide’s “Getting Started in Genealogy Online.”

It’s a 60-plus page book with the basics of starting (and re-starting and getting back on track) your genealogical search with a large number of online clickable web links. You can go buy the hardbound book or get this one for free by downloading it.

There are a few ads on the first pages (three) one for a book by Scott Drew, one for the website where you can — if you wish — sign up for a free genealogy newsletter by email, and one for which is offering the Dollarhide book download for NOTHING. As a courtesy I looked at the ads and as a way of thanking them, I browsed those three ad pages, but it’s not required.

For me, this download was a must have. After looking at it, I saved a copy (perfectly legal by their terms of use) to my computer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
This is the download link:

Scott Fitzgerald is the editor of “East Texas Family Records, a quarterly publication of the East Texas Genealogical Society which covers the counties of Anderson, Gregg, Henderson, Panola, Rusk and Smith.” and the “Treasurer (2008-2011) of the Texas State Genealogical Society” among other things in the genealogical world of Texas. He has also presented programs at our Wood County society meetings.


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