Communications Advantage Wasted by So Few Email Subscribers

From the editor:

A savings of time, money, and effort in communicating with members in a timely manner has yet to be achieved by the advantages offered by the Bulletin website.

Whenever a new posted is loaded onto the site, an email with that post is sent to each person on the email subscription list. In essence, one action takes the place of two in communicating to the membership.

However, a recent check of the email subscribers list indicates that only a few members who have email are taking advantage of this option. Of the 30 people who are email subscribers, only 12 are current members of the society. Eighteen people who get our email updates are not society members. We welcome them to our service, but this still leaves us in a bind in communicating with members. In addition, only six members who live in Wood County are receiving email updates.

The recent email sent to almost 60 members was already posted at this bulletin website, but it was necessary to send the message again to all members because so few are signed up for our automatic service.

I know that whether or not you sign up to receive emails (or even read the emails which come to your inbox) is your right, and I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone they should. However, it would be very helpful to society volunteer officers, chair persons, and other volunteering members if we could use this inexpensive communications tool.

If you would like to sign up, just go to the top of the left column on this web page ( and click on the “Email Subscription” link. It’s quick, easy, and relatively painless — and it would improve our society communication immensely.

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