Bulletin Website Stats Sept. 2009-April 2010

This website has had 7,279 unique views since it was first available online in testing mode in late August 2009. The break down of views per month from September 2009 when the site was out of beta and presented for regular use are indicated in the chart below.

The most often viewed pages have been the “Home” page and The “Quitman – Local History and Genealogy” page. Others are in this chart:

Users clicking links from the website have most often clicked to the member only page (represented below as the WCGS.posterous.com link). Others are in the third chart.

By far the most referrals to our website from other websites has come from the Wood County page on the Texas Genweb with 171 referrals. The Texas Genweb society listing page was a distant second with 22 referrals and 17 came to us from the Quitman Library site.The other top referrers are the Genealogywise Wood County and Save our Society pages and worldvitalrecords.com.

One Response

  1. Deason: I think you have done an excellent job with this website, and I, too, only wished more people would take advantage, especially our locals, of our on-line communications. Don’t give up the ship or we all will sink, but maybe someday, they will become more active so that we don’t drown and have to give up our conquest to inform the public what a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our ancestors.
    Keep up the good work and Thank You for your efforts.

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