Welcome to New Members

Two new members joined the society in April. We extend to them a warm welcome.

Barbara Coleman joined at the April meeting. She lives here in Wood County with a Quitman address. Surnames she is searching include Collier and Coleman of Tarrant County, Texas and Barr.

Tammy Fletcher (Tamela Arnwine Fletcher) joined by mail and was added to the membership roll in April. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Quoting from her letter, her Wood County, Texas lines are ” Arnwine, Bryant, Hyde, King, Rudd, Mann, Mize, and Terry.
John Bryant (1858-1925) m. Sarah Elizabeth Terry Bryant (1866-1948)
Henry Elgie Bryant (1897-1970) m. Zora Ada Mize Bryant (1907-1993)
Reuben Terry (1831-1875) m. Ann Elizabeth Mann Terry Ross (1838-1896)
John T. Mize (1854-1912) m. Eldorado Marganes Hyde Mize (1855-1916)
Lewis Benjamin Mize (1881-1934) m. Lela Eugene King Mize (1881-1950)
Francis A.A. King (1861-1940) m. Mary Jane K. Rudd King (1859-1890)

“My mother, Juanda Nell Bryant Miller Arnwine was born in Alba, Texas.
My grandfather was Clinton Arnwine who lived in Mineola and died in 1985, and my step grandmother Eunice Pearl Taylor Bryant Arnwine will celebrate her 100th birthday in Mineola on 19 Dec 2010.”

The contact information for these new members is available on the Member Contact List 2009-10 on the member-only page. Current members who have computer access and who have forgotten the password can contact Deason Hunt at netexas@gmail.com or at 402 Evening Shadows Trail, Holly Lake Ranch, Texas 75765.

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