Query: Wofford

Mike Koch of Oklahoma dropped by the Quitman Public Library today looking for information on Amos Wofford, a Wood County Deputy Sheriff who was shot and killed Feb. 4, 1907 along with his brother who was a Wood County Constable. Amos is buried in the Union Cemetery in the county.

If you have any information on the incident or Amos Wofford, please contact Mike at packers52@valornet.com. You may also post the information on the Bulletin as a comment to this posting since Mike will check this page for any responses.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Mike: There was an Amos Wafford, what lived in Hopkins Co. TX, JP #3, he was born in Ms. and lived in Reily springs, This was in 1900, with a son named Dewey and mother Sarah Wafford. This was the only one found thus far. I know the name is spelled differently, Hope this helps.

  2. Mike, where was this Union cemetery, can’t find it in Wood Co. TX? Also, we have a book on the Sheriffs of Wood Co. TX, and I will look for it next week, ASAP. Good Luck finding it. We had another case like this before, a Boyd family, I believe.

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