Changes to WCGS Bulletin Site

A new Members Only page link has been added to the right column of the Bulletin web page.

You will receive the password which will be requested when you click on the log-in link within 24 hours of this posting at your current on-file email address. If your computer allows cookies, you should not have to type it in after your first time on each following visit to the site from the same computer. If you have problems, email Newsletter Editor at

Please do not share this password with anyone but current members.

On the members only page you will find:

1. Copies of the most recent newsletters for reading or downloading to your computer. Right now the April 2009 and October 2009 issues are available but others will be as published as as we are able to get back issues scanned.
2. Minutes and treasurer’s reports of past meetings starting with the November 2009 meeting.
3. Membership roster (The next one posted will be the updated one we should have ready in January 2010.).
4. Other member content which we share but don’t wish to post to potential troublemakers out on the internet.
5. Special messages to the membership which, again, we wish to keep within the group.
6. Other special content of interest to members but which we might wish to share with others on a paid basis or at a later time.
7. And other items of value which we can bring to the membership. Suggestions for such items is appreciated at any time.

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