Free Database of Wood County Names

Mark Reid, Publications Fulfillment and Computer Database chairman and co-chairman and newsletter executive editor, has made an offer to members: a computer file copy of his almost 19,000 person Wood County database. The price is “FREE.” Details are in a comment over at the Wood County Coffee Klatch at Genealogywise. (a clickable link). If interested, you can email Mark at the society email address:

4 Responses

  1. This offer is for a computer file sent by email and not a file on a disk or a copy of the PAF program. You can find the PAF program online for free download at Family on this page:

  2. Deason/Mark, I went to the etc, website and it says it is not longer available or has changed to go to another location to find what I requested. Can we get this clarified? or what? Thanks, Dorothy

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    Try again. It seems to be working now.

  4. Hi Dorothy,
    I misread your comment about it’s not working. You were absolutely right. I clicked another part of the FamilySearch site.
    Here is a link that will get you to a place to download PAF:

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