Query: McGahey/McGaha/McGahee

Hello! I am trying to locate the burial place of John H. McGahey (McGaha, McGahee) and Rebeca McGahey. His possible date of death is around 1890. I believe he was a Civil War veteran. Also, possibly buried near would be Samuel McGahey and wife Martha “Mattie” Flowers McGahey. I have lead that they could possibly be in Quitman cemetery.

If you have any knowledge of these folks I would be very grateful for any help.
thank you–Melinda Dennis (mdennis35@aol.com)

One Response

  1. I do not find records of a John H. McGee/McGhee/McGahee
    in our Wood County records so far. The negatives first:
    He and wife Rebecca do not appear in 1850 or 1860 censuses as we would expect for a CW vet.
    I do not find him in our cemetery books, certainly not in Quitman City.
    Mormon records do not show such a person in Texas in 1880.
    I do see a John Henry McGee 1867-1919 in Myrtle Springs Cem.
    We have pension request records from the wife of John Newton McGhee who d. 1873.
    I am discontinuing search unless I hear more clues.

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