Query: Jones

Crwatson1@tds.net in an email to member Mark Reid dated December 6, 2010 wrote:

Can you tell me if it is possible to find a marriage record in wood co. either in 1892 or 1894??
George Benjamin Jones Born 1871 MO.
Minnie White Born 1876 Probably Smith Co. Texas?
I am desperately trying to find the county/town that George was born in so that we can further our family tree. Will the marriage record have this information??
Thank you so much,
Carol in Arizona

Mark responded: Our Marriage records do not include a George Jones married to a Minnie White, nor do they include a Benjamin Jones, nor any combination of G. B. or whatever. I can only conclude that the marriage was probably in another county. I also checked a couple of handy indexes without success. I think possibly you might try Smith County next. Feel free to try us again if you find another clue to Wood County origins.

If you have any information about these individuals, please click on the comment link below and post your response. You may also contact Carol at this email address: crwatson1@tds.net.

Query: McBride

Member Mark Reid received the following query from Connie Davis (N8ivtexan@msn.com) in September. His response is below.

At 11:16 AM 9/30/2010, you (refers to Connie Davis) wrote:
I am looking for a birth record for James Madison McBride, 4-30-1910 and John William McBride, 5-27-1912 or 1913. The death record I am trying to find is for Martha Emaline McBride, DOD 6-1-1908 in Winnsboro.

Mark’s Response: Martha Emaline (mother) McBride is buried in Winnsboro City Cemetery. The stone reads: 29 June 1831 – 1 June 1908
Her husband, James Monroe (father) McBride is adjacent. His stone reads: 7 Sep 1819 – 18 Oct 1903

Here is a quick find. Maybe more later.
Birth records are more difficult for us, but we will keep looking for additional information for you.


If you have additional information, please comment to this post at the comment link below. You may also contact Connie at her email address above.

My apologies to both Connie and Mark. This message was forwarded to me by Mark a long time ago. It just fell between the cracks in my email checking system. dh

Life In The Piney Woods – Chapter One

We have begun the serial publication of Life In The Piney Woods by Ona WOOD. It is available to members on the members-only page which you can access at the top right column of this page. It will also appear in the second quarter (June, 2010) newsletter.

The foreword (by Mrs. Ona Wood) was previously published here. If you would like to read it again before going to Chapter one, click here.

Thanks to member Mark Reid who digitized the first chapters of Mrs. Wood’s book.


Life In The Piney Woods – Chapter One


The day dawned beautiful. The sun projected its rays across the waters of the northern seas in an effort, it seemed, to hold in check the restless beating of the waves.

On the deck of a ship lying at anchor in Baltic waters in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark stood a young man, well groomed and handsome.
The long locks of his light wavy hair sweeping loosely around his neck were tousled by the wind; the tangy sea breeze upon his face, caused his eyes to turn occasionally from their far-distant gaze; within their depths, like a mirror to his soul; shone a spirit of courage and strength, supported by an abiding peace.

Inside the iron-bound chest, bearing the name of P. M. Gunstream, that had just been placed on board were many tools that were to be used to ply his trade in a new world. To read the remainder of Chapter One, go to the member-only page.

Family History Workshop in Mineola Starting In June

Member Mark REID shared the following information in a recent email. This sounds like a good opportunity for members and those who you know who might be ready to get started in genealogy.

“A Family History Workshop will begin Thursday 17 June, 10am to 12am at the Mineola Memorial Library. Free as far as I know. Sessions will probably be weekly during the summer and then might go monthly
after school begins in the fall. We can most likely find out all particulars at the first meeting.

“The leader/coordinator/teacher will be Vickie PETERSEN, librarian at Mineola Middle School. You can reach her at 903-569-6506 or email at petersen@mineolaisd.net.”

Minutes of April Society Meeting

Here are the minutes of the April Wood County Genealogical Society meeting which will be presented at the May meeting tomorrow, May 17, at 7 p.m. at the Quitman Public Library meeting room.

Monthly Meeting
Quitman Public Library
April 19, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Shirley Patrick at 7:00 pm with 16 members and 10 guests. President Shirley Patrick welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Don Raney. Mr. Raney is a sixth generation Texan who has been an active genealogist for over 30 years. He published a book, “Marin Varner, Texas Pioneer; 1785-1844 in September 2009. This book describes the life and adventures of his Great, Great, Great, Grandfather, Martin Varner, in Colonial Texas. He also had copies of this book for sale.

After the program the business meeting began at 8:35 pm. The minutes stood approved as presented.

Treasurer Sally Allcorn presented the following financial report:
Last Bank Statement Dated: March 1, 2010
Starting Balance Shown (03/01/10): $1,243.19
2 Single Memberships 30.00
Money from copier 5.00
Total Deposits: $ 35.00

Hometown Trophy (award for Shirley Bates) 32.16
Total Expenses: 32.16

Ending Balance Shown (03/31/10): $1,246.03

Outstanding checks: None

Total Deposits not shown: None

Current Balance: $1,246.03

The financial report stood approved as read.

Old Business:
A motion was made by Dorothy Harbin, seconded by Shirley Bates to pay Don Raney $50.00 for speaking to the society. Motion passed.

President Shirley Patrick reported next month will be elections of new officers. She appointed Mary Beth Ramage, Sally Allcorn, and herself to the budget committee. She also told those present to think about volunteering to serve on committees or in an officer position. Anyone who is interested in serving should call Deason Hunt or Shirley Patrick and let them know.

Mark Reid would like for someone to take over doing the name tags for the new members. Willie Kay Paredez suggested getting permanent name tags that the members purchase and keep up with. She showed two different examples of name tags from clubs that she is a member of.

New Business:
John McCall reported he is working on a project that helps to get markers for Confederate Graves that do not have one. Let him know if anyone needs one or finds a grave that might need one.

Mary Beth Ramage suggested two fund raising ideas one would be publishing an obit book for the society to sell with some of the information that we have in the genealogy room and the other was a 1st Families certificate which we could sell. The first families would have to fill out a form and the society would have to verify information that is on the form before giving out the certificate. Tyler does this and sells them for $25.00 each.

Mr. Raney left a case of ten books to sell with the society receiving a commission. Anyone who wants to purchase one needs to contact Dorothy Harbin.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Minutes were taken by recording/corresponding secretary Kathy Lutonsky.

Query: Francis

Member Mark Reid has shared the following request:

I have been working with Joe Francis of Mineola .
Joe is researching his Francis family and preparing a book based on this research.
Joe has done years of research and has a mountain of material, but has run into a couple of problems.
I plan to ask one of our DAR members for help.

Joe has ancestors who might have served in the Revolutionary War. I cannot determine from DAR indexes whether two patriots listed are “his.” The two candidates are:
John Francis, patriot No. A041596
William Francis, patriot No. A041623

Joe’s ancestors are John and William Francis, younger brothers of a Henry Francis of Montgomery County
(now Wythe) VA.

Perhaps a DAR member could obtain the descendants of John and/or William so Joe could determine if the two numbered patriots are his ancestors.

Re: Manor/Maynor/Mainer Query

Member Mark Reid responded to a recent query for Eli and Susan Manor/Maynor/Mainer and has shared his findings with us.

  • The original query included this:
  • This couple moved from Panola County (lived there in 1860 and 1870) to Wood county sometime before the 1880 census. In the same household is daughter Susan Hodges and grandson George Hodges.

    Given the age of the parents, there is a good chance that they died while living in Wood county (They are definitely deceased by the 1900 census).

    Do you have any materials that might help with a death from 1880+ (cemetery compilations, newspaper indexes, probate and/or will indexes or any other relevant record)? If so, do you have a service to do such research?

    Mark’s findings:
    Virgie Maynor, wife of Geo. C. Maynor is buried in Winnsboro City Cemetery. Dates are 8 Mar 1882 – 27 Mar 1905.
    One would suspect that other Maynors are buried here also, but no headstones remain with their names.
    The above entry is in our Cemetery Book 4, page 173.

    In Wood County 1850-1900 I see (page 24)
    “The First Baptist Church of Winnsboro . . . Charter members were . . E. M. Maynor, Susan, George, and Louiza Maynor, . . Martha Hodges, . “

    I found no listed Probate records in the probate record index.

    The Maynor surname is mentioned 11 times in our book, Genealogical Abstracts of Wood County, Texas, Newspapers Before 1920,
    the earliest entry for a D. M. Maynor in 1914. My laziness prevented me from copying all entries. (Editor’s note: No doubt, a tongue-in-cheek remark)

    A G. E. Maynor (female) married C. W. Moore 16 Jan 1879. Listed in Wood County Marriage Book A, page 2.


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