An Online (and FREE) Genealogy Searching Aid offers halp with your online searches while you are sleeping, reading, or just off having a good time. This picture

Picture of email

Mocavo Search Results Example

is part of an email displaying results of a research request entered into mocavo (after the Free signup for a Mocavo account). The results are compiled while you are doing other things (on the computer or off) and sent to your email address. Clicking on the link takes you to a page where you can go to each item found and see if it helpful in your research. Since Mocavo adds new places to search on a regular basis, the search will be repeated in the future and sent to you. This is a great feature of this search engine/service.

Free Use of Ancestry Library Edition at Quitman Public Library

Wood County Genealogical Society members and the general public who wish to access at no charge may now do so at the Quitman Public Library at Quitman, Texas.

As expected, you can go to one of the library internet-connected computers (in the area of the front desk) and log on and start searching. This also includes the computer in the genealogy research room.

To log on, type into the address url at the top of the browser page of any library computer. This should take you directly to a search page at If you first are taken to a page asking for password and user name, don’t fill in either. Just click the LOGON button.

Even more exciting news for WCGS members is that you can bring your own laptop computers and log onto the library wifi connection to access, and use your own computer. The logon process uses the same as the address url.

This means that we can bring and use the library six laptop computers as well as personal computers on meeting nights in the Shamburger room. If we have a regular program at 7 p.m., then we can log on from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Reminder: This will not work from home or any other location. You must be on a library computer or at the library using the library wifi connection for your own computer.

Happy searching!

Portal to Texas History Contains Wood County Resources

Wood County references are available online at the Portal to Texas History at Billing itself as “a gateway to Texas history,” the portal is a project of the University of North Texas. A search at the portal main page (link above) for Wood County, Mineola, Quitman,and Winnsboro yields many digital pages of documents, publications, maps, etc. concerning people and places in the county ranging from the mid-1800s to the late 1900s.

Wood County Resources at TAMU-Commerce

A number of documents and pictures relevant to family history research for Wood County, Texas can be found in the Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries’ Northeast Texas Digital Collections at
This includes online information from holdings at libraries and museums in Wood and Rains counties.

1. The Gilbreath Memorial Library digital collection consists of photographs and documents of historic significance to residents of Winnsboro, Texas.

2. The digital collection of the Mineola Historical Museum

3. The Quitman Public Library and Wood County Genealogical Society digital collection
Pictures of people, groups, and landmarks, documents, and other information including but not limited to
a. Peter Magnus Gunstream: Immigrant and Pioneer 52-page manuscript by Ona Wood of the Gunstream, Roberts, and Woods families to 1891
b.Wood County Deeds refiled after the courthouse fire of 1878 as first printed in the Wood County Genealogical Society newsletter
c. Men and Women in WWII from Wood County

4. The Rains County Public Library digital collection

Ideas for getting un-stuck in my family history journey

What do I do next? Ideas for getting un-stuck in my family history journey

[Outline for the February program at the WCGSTX Genealogical Society meeting.]

The meeting was to help members examine how to get started again or on another part of the personal research journey by examining (1) their progress in research (2) in display of their results or (3) with the ultimate placing of of their materials for posterity.

At the end of the program, members were given a worksheet to get started and to share at the March 6-7 p.m. meeting before the business meeting. Those who cannot attend in March can post their plans for getting started in comments below.
Click to go to the worksheet which you may then print out on your home printer.—> The link:(

a. Where I am in my family history research
i. People
1. Ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc)
2. Descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.)
3. Collateral relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins)
ii. Details
1. Surnames and/or given names
2. Vitals (birth, death, marriage, etc)
3. Additional information (anecdotes, bios, locations, events, etc.)
Link for ideas on how to approach getting over research brickwalls at (

b.Where I would like to go with my research
i. Find “lost or unknown” people (and details?)
ii. Fill-in details of known people

c. Where I am in family history display (for myself and/or others)
i. Personal file collection of family group sheets, information, and copies of documents, photos
ii. Framed or posted family tree with or without pictures and/or vital details
iii. Scrapbook(s) of family or individuals with various items including some or all but not limited to group sheets, information, documents or copies, photos.
iv. Written manuscripts of my research including various items including some or all but not limited to group sheets, information, documents or copies, photos using various formats from loose leaf to various bindings
v. Published and printed hard or soft-bound books or DVD ( POD publisher)
vi.Personal pages of family history on the internet which can range from family trees, additional information, pages for an individual, or personal logs or journals of stories, details about the family (, (
vii. Adding family trees and supporting illustrations (as allowed) on the internet (
(WorldConnect family trees (FamilySearch Trees
viii. Placing individuals’ information on internet sites such as Find-a-Grave (, or surname or geographic location web pages (Search for my state and county at USGenWeb:

d. Disposition of my research when I am deceased
i. Leaving for relatives
ii. Donating to libraries or other repositories
iii. Uploading to archival sites online (Permanence???)

Strategic Planning Now Available as a Download

If you missed the FGS Radio Strategic Planning show today, you can now listen to a saved version online or download it to listen as a podcast at this address:
Thanks to Daniel Norton for posting this link on Facebook on our Wood County Genealogy Research page.

Free Access to the 1930 Census Online This Weekend

Probably as a promotion for the fact that the 1940 Census will be released to the public in April, is offering free online access to the 1930 census this weekend (Feb. 18-190 at this link:

Strategic Planning for Genealogy Societies 02/18 by mysociety | Blog Talk Radio

If you can listen at 1 p.m.(CDT) Saturday (Feb. 18), we could discuss sometime next week.

Strategic Planning for Genealogy Societies 02/18 by mysociety | Blog Talk Radio.

You might be from Quitman, Texas if you remember when

Another reason to be surfing on Facebook is the page: You might be from Quitman, Texas if you remember when (

It is rich with information about people and events which have happened in Quitman. I wish that someone would start separate pages like this for all the towns and communities in the county. Thanks to Jane Herring‘s work with this page and to all the others who have shared memories there.

Meeting Notes& Links — January 2012

Notes for Developing Innovations in Online Digital Research

It’s not all online and never will be.
Just like printed sources, you must take online information with a grain of salt until you check the quality of its sources.
Well-intentioned people sometimes make mistakes.
Sometimes life intervenes and the mistakes do not get corrected before you see the data.

Not Withstanding all of that …..
We live in a digital age in which more and more records including those which are
And are available online for pay or for free.
And we communicate
Less & less by these methods:

Face to face
By pokey old postal mail
By telephone (yes, by telephone)
More & more by these methods:

Email and texting
Online discussion and messaging
Skype (oops! That can be face to face, too)
And quicker than in the past!

Genealogy Tips & Resources

Search Engines

Blogs (electronic journals)
Personal genealogy research
Ethnic or area research
Genealogy activities

Wikis (collaborative web pages)
wikis for surnames or areas
wikis for research resources or tips
Sources:,_North_Carolina (also known as Encyclopedia of Genealogy)

Digital Books (online or download)
http://www.HeritageQuest Online book search (access through library or library access code
from home) (also known as the Internet Archive)

Podcasts (Recorded Audio)
Download or listen online at your convenience.

Talk Radio (Online)
Live but recorded and available for later download

Sources: (search on genealogy)

Live and online participation in a genealogy seminar (or just watching it happen) or later viewing an archived copy)

Social Media

Also some Oldies but Goodies!
Genealogy Email Mailing Lists
Genealogy Message Boards


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