Budget for 2010-2011 Adopted

The WCGS budget for 2010-2011 was unanimously adopted by members present and voting at the regular May meeting.

Estimated Income:
59 Individual Memberships @ $15.00 each = $885.00
7 Family memberships @ $20.00 each = $140.00
Revenue from copier, royalty, and Misc.= $275.00
Total = $1,300.00

Estimated Expenses:
Fixed Expenses: Membership TSGS* = $ 25.00
Post office box = $ 28.00
Rent – Shamburger Rm= $160.00
(8 mos. @ $15.00)
Allowances: Newsletter = $ 80.00
Misc. office expenses = $200.00
Speaker expenses = $100.00
Books = $100.00
Misc. expenses = $200.00
Total: = $893.00
Estimated profit: …………………………= $407.00


Thanks to society member and Wood County Historical Commission Chair Person Lou Mallory for sending the following email which we are passing on to all members:

“Next Friday, May 21, a “sounding” will take place at the Ford-Green Cemetery.
“For your information, a “sounding” is a process where by using a metal detector or other means unknown graves may be found.
Ford-Green Cemetery, long abandoned and forgotten, was adopted by the Junior Historians and the Landmark Commission several years ago.
Today, it is a cemetery association with both State and Federal tax exemption, and organized and approved by the District Court in 2009.
The cemetery association now has ownership and has agreed with the Texas Funeral Commission to do the following:
1. Erect a new fence.
2. Locate unknown graves and mark same.
3. Provide needed maintenance and care.
Anyone who would like to observe the “sounding” is welcome to attend as well as anyone who might be interested in learning the procedure.
“The “sounding” will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Ford-Green Cemetery which is located at the intersection of Country Club Drive and Green Road (County Road 2205).

Oops! Regular Meeting in May; Not an ‘Eating Meeting’

Cancel your plans to attend the “Eating Meeting” potluck supper at the May meeting. Due to a scheduling conflict, we are postponing that part of the May meeting until later in 2010.

The regular meeting will be held at the Quitman Library scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Officer elections will be held at that meeting.

You are invited to come by Peralta’s Restaurant in Quitman at 5:30 p.m. on meeting day and have a bite to eat and/or visit with those who come early before the regular meeting. As always, visitors and guests are welcome at both events.

We’re having an “Eating Meeting” in May

The program for the May meeting of the Wood County Genealogical Society (when we elect officers for the next year) will be a pot-luck dinner and business meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Library next Monday, May 17. Note the starting time is 30 minutes earlier than usual. We will skip the usual 5:30 p.m. get-together at Peralta’s this month only.

We are urging all members within driving distance to get some vittles and come on over and share the evening with the rest of us. We’ll visit, probably tell some tall-tales, and just have a good old time. Hope you will be there.

Bridges Cemetery Meeting

Any members having family buried in the Bridges Cemetery near Chapman in Rusk County, Texas are advised of the Annual Meeting and Dinner of the Bridges Cemetery Association this Saturday (May 15, 2010) on the grounds near the cemetery. Bridges Cemetery is near Henderson. For details, you should contact Sharon Gallatin Phillips, who emailed us with this reminder, at phillipsgato@aol.com.

Updated Member Contact list posted on Member Only Page

The updated member contact list has been posted on the member-only page.

New Poll Question

A new poll has been posted on the bulletin at woodtxgene.com. Help us out by going over and sharing your response. Remember, your responses are anonymous.

New address for Wood County book

Thanks to member Lou Mallory who brought us up to date on the site for address for buying “Wood County 1850-1890″. It has been corrected on the Publications Page of this website. FYI: Lou Mallory, P. O. Box 255, Mineola, Texas 75773. Lou’s email is gmallory@suddenlink.net. The book costs $15.00 plus $4.00 postage. Lou is Wood County Historical Commission chairman.

FYI: Check Comments

Comments to previous posts (those items in the center column of the Bulletin page) are actually posted to the previous post and not again at the top of this center column.

So that you don’t miss comments which update a post, always go down the left column of the page to comments.

A recent comment on the previous query of SHIREY, was listed there on March 8.

March 15 Meeting News

The regular monthly meeting (on March 15) is approaching and only a week away. Here are some items of interest about the meeting:

1. The program will feature guest speaker Joe Hayden of Quitman talking about Wood County veterans. Vice-president Dorothy Harbin is working on some additional ideas to go with that theme.

2. If there is time, we may also be able to work on the accumulation of obituaries in the Genealogy Research Center. You might want to bring some scissors and glue sticks just in case.

3. President Shirley Patrick has sent a message asking that we let members know that she will be unable to attend the March meeting due to grandchildren visiting over Spring Break, and she has ask the vice-president to preside at the meeting.

4. Dorothy is still working on the program for April and expects to hear soon about a confirmed speaker about several of the earliest settlers families in the county.

5. Also be aware that election of officers for next year is scheduled for the May meeting every year. If you have ideas, etc. you might contact President Patrick to pass on to the nominating committee.

6. If you want to get with the group meeting before the meeting at Peralta’s in Quitman, we gather and visit and eat starting at 5:30 p.m.


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