Heritage Quest at Home

Wood County Genealogical Society members who have a membership in the Quitman Public Library can access the Heritage Quest genealogical site (and other TexShare Databases for research) from their home computers at www.texshare.edu/quitmanlibrary/. To sign in however, you’ll need a login ID and password.

  • You can get these from the librarian at the Quitman Public Library.
  • Members in other towns may also find that their home libraries where they have memberships will have a slightly different link and different login ID and password. Again, if your library participates in the TexShare Databases, they will share this information with members of their library.

    Family History Workshop in Mineola Starting In June

    Member Mark REID shared the following information in a recent email. This sounds like a good opportunity for members and those who you know who might be ready to get started in genealogy.

    “A Family History Workshop will begin Thursday 17 June, 10am to 12am at the Mineola Memorial Library. Free as far as I know. Sessions will probably be weekly during the summer and then might go monthly
    after school begins in the fall. We can most likely find out all particulars at the first meeting.

    “The leader/coordinator/teacher will be Vickie PETERSEN, librarian at Mineola Middle School. You can reach her at 903-569-6506 or email at petersen@mineolaisd.net.”

    Genealogy Research Center Usage

    A total of 197 users have signed in on the register at the Genealogy Research Center at the Quitman Library during the last 12 months. This is one measure of how much our center is used, but it does not include all those users who do not sign the register. Almost 60 percent of the users are current members of the society. Here’s the breakdown on usage:

    We averaged 16 sign-in users a month during the year with 10 of those being members.On average three Wood County resident non-members used the center each month as did two users from Texas outside of Wood County, and one user from out of state.

    The lowest number of users came in December and the winter months but including March and April. Numbers were up from May through November with the highest month October.

    Indexes of Microfilm at Quitman Library

    Three new pages have been posted with indexes of microfilm and cd-rom disks in the library for research. Access the pages by clicking on the Libraries tab at the top of the home page at the WCGS Bulletin (or see above). They include Wood County Democrat back issues on microfilm, U. S. Federal censuses for Wood County and a few other counties, and cd-rom disks of research data. All these resources are for in-library use and require use of either a microfilm reader or computer which are available at the library.


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