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Google moderator offers a new way for WCGSTX members to communicate. On our “Ask a Family History Question” site at http://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=1fffd0, members can ask questions and submit answers to any other questions there. This will provide a place to have dicussions, etc. between meeting times. I have primed the pump with three types of questions, but others related to genealogy or Wood County genealogy are welcomed. We are not moderated at this time. If we get discovered by people who want to add bad questions or comments (non-genealogy and rude or crude) we will probably have to go to moderated. But that is the only type of content that would be affected.
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Please take a look and participate.

“What Do You Love” is awesomely awesome

Yet another little-known Google feature lets you explore a passion or interest in detail. It’s called "What Do You Love?" You type in something you love like ‘Genealogy’ and it automatically gives you a map of nearby Genealogy, lists of books about Genealogy, blogs about Genealogy, 3D models of Genealogy, recent Genealogy videos, discussions about Genealogy…everything. It’s like a ‘wonderful things dashboard’ http://goo.gl/p105P.
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Deason Hunt
Newsletter Editor

Keeping Up-to-date Keeps Us From Falling Behind

Keeping up with the world of online genealogy sometimes pays off with gems of common sense such as this by Genealogy and technology blogger James Tanner:

What I am saying is that genealogy, as it is today, is a technologically sophisticated pursuit that requires some pretty technological tools. If you are going to survive in the genealogy world today, you need a set of computer skills and part of that set of skills is the ability to keep your tools (computers and software) up-to-date.

Writing on his blog, Genealogy’s Star, Tanner was talking in general about when to upgrade and buy new computer hardware, but his observation on the skills and tools has certainly become more and more true. You can read his entire blog article at this link: http://genealogysstar.blogspot.com/2012/05/anticipating-market-when-do-i-buy-new.html.

Indeed, as he suggests, we have to be prudent in spending on this hobby (avocation, addiction?), but it costs little or nothing to bring our computer skills up to date.

More on Sissy Spacek’s New Book and Wood County

County Line Magazine has a more complete review of Sissy Spacek’s new memoir with more details about people and places in Wood County. You can access County Line Magazine online at http://www.countylinemagazine.com/index.php. There will be a link to download a .pdf file of the May issue of the magazine. The review is on pages 10 and 11 and includes pictures of Sissy and her family.

Sissy’s Biography Reviewed

Here’s a review of Sissy Spacek’s new bio: http://www.austinchronicle.com/screens/2012-05-04/new-in-print/

Publicity for tonight’s WCGSTX Meeting

Status Update
By Wood County Democrat
McKinney to speak at WC Genealogical Society meeting Monday in Quitman

The Wood County Genealogical Society invites the public to hear guest speaker Lisa McKinney at the Quitman Public Library on Monday, April 16, at 7 p.m.
McKinney will explain what information is available for family researchers in the 1940 census and methods and sources to most effectively find that information.
As with all the regular monthly meetings of the Wood County Genealogical Society, members will be available at the library from 6-7 p.m. to help the public and other members with starting research of their ancestors and family tree or with research problems. A limited number of work stations will be available on a first-come, first serve basis to use the free library version of Ancestry.com. Personal Wi-Fi-enabled laptops may also be used.
Additionally, a social Dutch-treat gathering of society members and guests is open to anyone interested in genealogy on each third Monday meeting day at 5 p.m. at Peralta’s Mexican Food Restaurant in Quitman.

TSGS Conference In Fort Worth In November

The next Texas State Genealogical Society (TSGS) State Conference is in Fort Worth Nov. 1-3, 2012. It will feature Curt Witcher as keynote speaker. Exhibitions, society management, and research sources and methods are among items on the agenda.


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