Membership Fees May Be Mailed In Starting Now

Membership fees for the 2012-13 Wood County Genealogical Society year are due by September 17; however, you may start mailing in your membership fee starting now.

As a reminder, the society voted last year for the first fee increase in over a decade to $25.00 a member or a multi-member family. There is no additional charge for a second or more members in the same household as there was in the past.

You may make your check or money order to Wood County Genealogical Society and mail it to Treasurer, Wood County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 832, Quitman, Texas 75783 or pay at the regular society meeting Sept. 17.

Receipt of your dues prior to the meeting will make it possible for the treasurer to make an up-to-date report of membership renewals at the business meeting that evening.

Query: Holland Cemetery, Possible School, Church

I am trying to research the history of the land and people who lived
here before us. There are rumors that maybe a school and a church
were once located next to Holland Cemetery, but I have not been able
to verify that. I know who the original land grants went to, but not
sure about land ownership from then until the Gibsons owned it. I
know that George Matthews came here from Georgia in the early 1800s
and apparently owned part of our land and Francis Holland apparently
owned the north end of the subdivision. We know that Francis and Sarah
Holland are buried in Holland Cemetery and some of the Matthews
relatives are also. Can you direct me to where I might find more
information on land ownership, the families who lived here and the
possibility of a school/church and sawmill all being here at one time?

Thank you,
Steve Chick (

Another Funeral Home page

website for Beaty Funeral home of Winnsboro, Hawkins and Mineola
Wilson-Bartley Funeral Home of Alba does not have a website
300 E. Holley St.
Albal < tx 75410

Free Genealogy Lessons Page

A page of links to free online genealogy lessons (also available from our Links Page on this website) is located at

This is a place to refer those starting in genealogy and family tree building and sources for refresher courses for experienced genealogical researchers.

Online Obituary Links

Here are websites for our two local funeral homes with Obituaries page:

    I have a page on other funeral homes located within 25 miles of Quitman, TX. with their addresses and telephone numbers.  If any questions, please contact me or write a query on the WCGSTX website.
Dorothy Harbin (

General Research Links Page Change

When you click on general research links on our links page, it will now take you to the page below. (

Wood County Research Links Page Update

Our page of Links for Wood County, Texas Genealogical Research which is accessible from the Links Page above (by clicking the appropriate link there) has been updated with a page at Symbaloo. This will take you of fthe Woodtxgene site, but you can return with your back button or by typing into your address bar after exploring the links.

A Place to Ask Questions

Google moderator offers a new way for WCGSTX members to communicate. On our “Ask a Family History Question” site at, members can ask questions and submit answers to any other questions there. This will provide a place to have dicussions, etc. between meeting times. I have primed the pump with three types of questions, but others related to genealogy or Wood County genealogy are welcomed. We are not moderated at this time. If we get discovered by people who want to add bad questions or comments (non-genealogy and rude or crude) we will probably have to go to moderated. But that is the only type of content that would be affected.
#From the Editor, #Resources

Please take a look and participate.

“What Do You Love” is awesomely awesome

Yet another little-known Google feature lets you explore a passion or interest in detail. It’s called "What Do You Love?" You type in something you love like ‘Genealogy’ and it automatically gives you a map of nearby Genealogy, lists of books about Genealogy, blogs about Genealogy, 3D models of Genealogy, recent Genealogy videos, discussions about Genealogy…everything. It’s like a ‘wonderful things dashboard’
#From the Editor, #Resources

Deason Hunt
Newsletter Editor


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